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Israeli Airport Security

Things to Know

Israeli airport security Israeli airport security is known to be higher than almost anywhere else on the globe. But don’t be alarmed though, this high security is meant to protect you as a passenger! So as a result Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is considered the world’s most secure airport! Furthermore, EL AL, is one of the safest airlines to fly with.

Things to Know When Entering Israel

So Israeli Security has a few layers and procedures which you won’t find elsewhere. But again if you know what to expect, then there shouldn’t be any misunderstandings. It’s gonna go super smooth and easy! So here are things you should know about for a more pleasant experience! When flying into Israel, the entry procedures are somewhat comparable to those you’ll find anyplace else around the globe. in other words, you proceed from the aircraft to the border point. you should anticipate a fast interrogation if this is your first time to the Holy Land. And much like you’d get anywhere else, you should be clear to proceed through to collect your bags and be on your way for your ultimate Holy Land experience!

But there is one big difference! Israel uses profiling so if your passport shows you had visited states that are considered enemy states by the State of Israel (for example Iran) then you should expect lots of questions. In addition, you might be taken aside for more interrogation that potentially can last a long time. Honestly, the best policy is the truth. be open and frank and show you’re trying to answer all their questions. Now if you’re name might have a Muslim ring to it like Mohammad so yes you might be asked some more questions. For example, do you have relatives in Palestine and so forth. Once more don’t get stressed out be polite and answer all the questions as best as you can.

There shouldn’t any problem if you’ll follow these basic rules.

Airport Security When Leaving Israel

So when leaving Israel it might be a slightly different story. Today with modern technology that can detect most hazards in people’s baggage the Israeli Airport Security is more concerned about the passengers. Therefore the moment you enter the airport you’re targeted. When you enter Ben Gurion airport for example even if you come by taxi, the driver and sometimes the passengers are asked several routine questions, and security personal might approach your car seat window or even enter the vehicle (if its a mini-bus) and will establish eye contact and might ask your identification.

Then the next phase would be when you’ll reach the arrival gate. There you’ll find a security guard that will size you up once more. And if needed might approach you again and ask you to pass your belongings through a metal detector; this includes your luggage. But in most cases, this doesn’t occur to most passengers so you can relax! Israeli security uses profiling and if you don’t answer the profile they won’t bother and you could go on your way to catch your flight.

Now once entering the arrivals gallery there are lots of concealed security like surveillance cameras and other types of cutting-edge modern technology which honestly there is no point to elaborate here. You will encounter once queue for your flight another airport security asking you what seems to be casual questions. For example:

“Did you pack alone? Or did anyone asked you to carry something?”

What is the Idea Behind the Israeli Airport Security?

All these questions are quite routine and go according to Israeli security protocols. These questions when flying out of Israel are meant basically to checkout the reactions of the passengers and see if someone will get stressed out by these basic questions or show by body language or gestures they are not entirely truthful. Then they might be tagged and can be taken aside for some more questioning. Also, passengers might be taken for some more interrogation if they are using El-Al Airlines and are answering a certain profile. In other words, have a Muslim appearance like a beard and so forth and have a typical Muslim name. El Al is known for their bold questions and profiling that most people easily pass. But a minority might feel slightly profiled or uncomfortable.

Staying relaxed and calm is key! Be Polite and keep your calm, if you’ll lose your temper it will just prolong your integration. Trust me protesting won’t help you and will make things worse.

After the conversation, your bags will be passed through an x-ray machine, you’ll check-in, and the procedure pretty well matches that which you’ll find anywhere else. So Bonvoyage! And I hope you had a great time in Israel.

Now if you’re looking to avoid the very long lines at security checks; hand luggage screenings or the annoying passport controls then I have the best solutions for you! The one-of-a-kind Fattal VIP Private Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport offers travelers an upscale experience in the airport before and after flights!


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