Best Ways to Travel Israel on a Budget

What are the best ways to travel Israel on a budget? Well if you are limited on funds you should read this! So I guess we are all on a limited budget to some extent. In other words, there are people that can afford a five star hotel; and there are people that can stay in an hostel. This post is an overview for acomodaticios and places to eat that are good value for your money.

Best Value Hotels in Israel

So there are lots of decent hotels where you can actually get some sleep after a long day tour and not share a room with young over ‘cheerful’ backpackers. I would recommend you to use one of the Atlas Hotels. There are affordable (relatively), good value for money and the chains do have different options to stay in cities like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv Aviv. Worth stressing out, these hotels are branded as ’boutique hotels’ which means in Israel, very small rooms. Especially true if you’re coming from the US. Please take this into account. The breakfasts they offer a big variety and if you’re planning on a long day touring there are perfect and will keep you quite full till dinner.

Best Ways to Travel Israel on a Budget: Local Food Markets

If you want to cut down on expenses getting your food in one of the local food markets, whether if it’s Mahane Yehuda or the Carmel Food Market in Tel Aviv. Both have fresh produce and nearby relatively low rate but decent restaurants like Hummus joints and delicious street food like Pita Panda. Both markets have lots of different food stands and fresh produce is supplied daily. It’s our farmer’s market in a way. For more click on the links about the Best Markets in Jerusalem and the Best Markets in Tel Aviv.

Car Rentals in Israel

So one thing for sure wouldn’t tell you to use local public bus transportation in Israel. This especially true if you want to explore the country. Sadly we’re in 2021 and still, Israel doesn’t have reliable public transportation. And apart from brushing with the local population, you would find the experience counterproductive and quite agitating. You can use the tram in Jerusalem which is punctual (relatively to the Middle East) but crowded at times.

So the next option is just renting a car. I guess the size of the car depends on the size of the group. But if you can manage with a small vehicle go for it because it’s much more affordable. Click on the link for more about driving in Israel. Besides I think with a car you get the extra value for money of getting a nice road trip explore all the nice parts of Israel that buses usually don’t pass through. About Roadtrips in Israel click here!


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