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The Prehistoric Man Museum

Exploring Israel

The Prehistoric Man Museum is a museum that explores the prehistoric age. Located in Kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch in the northern part of the Hula Valley, the museum showcases historical artifacts found in and around the kibbutz. The museum gives visitors a widespread view of prehistoric man’s way of life. 

So the Prehistoric Man Museum houses an extensive collection of prehistoric tools and vessels. Moreover, this includes the skeleton of a prehistoric woman buried with her dog and hand axes predating human settlement in the Hulah Valley, dating back from 780,000 – 6,000 years ago. Dating to the Natufian period (about 14,000 years ago), the skeleton of the woman and her dog is among the earliest evidence of dog domestication. 

The museum also has an Ethno-Geographic wing with an Ethnographic Collection of artifacts and tools from aboriginal groups worldwide made from natural or organic material. This collection graphically demonstrates life in former prehistoric cultures. 

History of the Prehistoric Man Museum

The Prehistoric Man Museum was founded by Amnon Assaf, who scoured the Kibbutz and the Hula Valley grounds. Assaf collected a wide variety of prehistoric artifacts ranging from a large collection of tools and weapons to skeletons. 

The Prehistoric Man Museum
In This Photo: A Skeleton From Eynan. The site was an Epipalaeolithic settlement belonging to the Natufian culture, built and settled circa 10,000–8,000 BCE. The settlement is an example of hunter-gatherer sedentism, a crucial step in the transition from foraging to farming. In fact, Eynan has one of the earliest known archaeological evidence of dog domestication.
Credit: Prehistoric Man Museum

Visiting The Museum

The museum is open every day of the week from 10:00 to 13:30. It offers guided tours and has an entry fee. Here is a link to their website. So if you’re looking for fun things to do with kids, or you are exploring the area without a doubt, I recommend visiting the Prehistoric Man Museum.


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