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Located 20 min away from Haifa, Ein Hod Artists colony rests in the mountains of the Carmel Range. It is a unique community whose residents are artisans and leading figures in the Israeli culture. Many of the artists present their works in small galleries in their homes, and some offer workshops of their craftsmanship.

Ein Hod Artists Colony

The History of Ein Hod Artists Colony

On the village’s land, there was originally an Arab Palestinian village from which its inhabitants fled during the War of Independence. After the war, the lands and houses were expropriated, and some Arab residents established a nearby village of the same name – Ein Hud.

In 1953, a group of artists settled in the houses. The village was defined as a settlement for practitioners in all fields of art: visual arts, music, literature, and theater. The village has a lovely café, an art gallery presenting most of the colony’s community artworks, and a museum devoted to Marcel Janco and the Dadaism art movement. The amphitheater hosts bands, artist evenings, and shows in the summer months. In the center of the village, the restaurant, which completes the picture as a meeting place.

The Ein Hod Artists’ Gallery

The Ein Hod Artists’ Gallery presents the works of all the members of the village who were accepted as members. Contemporary art of painting and sculpture and the craft of thought is presented. In addition, works on paper, photography, ceramics, silver and gold jewelry, glass, and metal design are only a part of one of the country’s largest collections of Israeli art.

Touring Ein Hod Artist Colony

Touring Ein Hod could be super interesting! This is especially true if you are into modern art and want to practice art from local artists! If you want, it can be combined with one of the Northern Sea Shore Tours I offer. Another option is to tour Caesarea National Park and our day Ein Hod Artist Colony.


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