Mount Tabor

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Mount Tabor is located in Lower Galilee, Israel, at the of the Jezreel Valley, not so far from the Sea of Galilee. In the Hebrew Bible (Like in Joshua, for example), Mount Tabor is the site of the Battle of Mount Tabor between the Israelite army under the leadership of Barak and the army of the Canaanite king of Hazor, Jabin, commanded by Sisera. In Christian tradition, Mount Tabor is the site of the transfiguration of Jesus.

Mount Tabor: It’s Geology

The Mount is geologically a Horst. In other words,  a mass that was raised above its surroundings due to tectonic activity. The displacements of the Syrian-African Rift have caused many geological faults in the Galilee mountains. Including those near the Nazareth Mountains. Specifically the Turan Mountains, and near the Tavor River.

So the result is the appearance of elevated areas, called the horst. It is assumed that Mt. Tabor was formed as a result of this geological activity. To the west and northwest of Mt. Tabor is an area that includes limestone, dolomite, and chalk. So that type of rock formation made it possible to create natural caves on the mountain. The local rock was used to build buildings on the mountain. Very few water sources are to be found in the area. In fact, The Lower Galilee region suffered from a lack of groundwater. On Mount Tabor, there are storage cisterns for water, in which rainwater is collected, using a drainage system on the roofs of the buildings on the mountain.

Mount Tabor was completely covered with vegetation until the days of Ottoman rule. During the First World War, many trees were cut down for the purpose of burning the valley train locomotives. As part of the Jewish National Fund’s efforts, forests have been planted on the mountain trying to restore the original vegetation. The mountain is covered with pine and carob trees.


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