Hula Nature Reserve

The Hula Nature Reserve perched in the Hula Valley is the first nature reserve ever declared in Israel. It is located in an agricultural region in northern Israel with abundant freshwater which used to be Lake Hula, prior to its draining. It is a major stopover for birds migrating along the Syrian-African Rift Valley between Africa, Europe, and Asia. The Hula Nature Reserve was part of Lake Hula and the marshland surrounding. But because it was a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying malaria; it was drained in the 1950s. A small section of the valley was later re-flooded in an attempt to revive a nearly extinct ecosystem and that’s the Hula Nature Reserve. An estimated 500 million migrating birds now pass through the Hula Valley every year. 

The Hula Valley was a main junction on the important trade route connecting the large commercial center of Damascus with the Eastern Mediterranean coast and Egypt. During the Bronze Age, the cities of Hazor and Laish were built at key locations on this route approximately 4,000 years ago. At some point, the area came under the control of the Israelites, until it was captured by the Neo-Assyrian Empire’s armies under Tiglath-Pileser III (reigned 745–727 BC) and its inhabitants were driven away. The Bible records the Waters of Merom, a lake in the valley, as the site of a victory of Joshua over the Canaanites. 

The Return of the Hula Painted Frog to Hula Nature Reserve

After thinking it got extinct, In November 2011 the Hula painted frog; classified as extinct since 1996 by the IUCN as a result of the marsh drainage; reappeared to park patrollers in Hula Nature Reserve. In fact, the reappearance was confirmed by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. Since the discovery of the first specimen at least ten more have been found, all in the same area. The IUCN has accordingly reclassified the species as critically endangered. 

On my bird watching private tours, we will get to see rare birds and birds of prey that also pass through the Hula Nature Reserve. So if you want to see some of the Israel best nature spots let me know! Also if you are in the area you press the link for more things to do in the Hula Valley which is another beautiful reserve in Israel. 

Hula Nature Reserve Opening Hours
Entrance to the park closes one hour before cited closing time

Summer hours:

Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 17:00 – 08:00 

Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 – 08:00

Winter hours:

Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 16:00 – 08:00 

Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 – 08:00 

Holiday eves: 13:00 – 08:00 

Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 – 08:00

Phone: ‎(00)972(0)4-6937069



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