Nebi Yusha Fort

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The Nabi Yusha Fort, now known as Metzudat Koach, is one of the many places in Israel that inspires the dual emotions of pain, for the price paid for independence, and pride for what the country has achieved ever since. Although slightly off-the-beaten-track, the fort is well worth visiting if you are in the area.

Nebi Yusha Fort
In This Photo: Nebi Yusha Fort

More About Nebi Yusha Fort

Nebi Yusha Fort was built by the British Mandate administration during the 1936–39 Arab Revolt in Palestine, the British Taggart fort was constructed to control a critical junction in Ramat Naftali with strategic views of the Etzba HaGalil and the Hula Valley.

In This Photo: The Monument For the Fallen Heroes

The British abandoned the fort in April 1948 and handed it to the Arabs. Israel’s elite striking force of the Haganah attacked the fort in May and was victorious but not without losses. Twenty-eight Jewish fighters were killed in the battles, hence the name of the fort – Metzudat Koach (strength).

In This Photo: The Reut Museum That Tells the Story of the Heroic Battle

Today, the fort is used as a base by the Israeli border police; however, the surrounding landscapes have been beautifully restored to their former glory by the Jewish National Fund known as Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael (KKL).

Follow the signs to the overlook where you can soak up spectacular views of Hula Lake, the Golan Heights, Kiryat Shmoneh, and Metulla. You might also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the towering slopes of Mount Hermon to the northeast on a clear day.

In This Photo: The View From the Fort

The Reut Museum

Pay homage to the 28 men who died fighting here in 1948 by strolling through a small grove of trees planted in memory of the brave soldiers. Take a moment to watch the Israeli flag flapping in the breeze above the fort and reflect on the sacrifices made to fulfill the dream of Israel becoming an independent state. In addition, there is the Reut Museum next to the fort that tells you all about that heroic battle.

In This Photo: In the Museum You Can Find Personal Items of the Heroes That Participated in the Battle

The Metzudat Koach is part of the Israel National Trail (Shvil Yisrael), a world-renowned hiking trail that stretches across Israel from Kibbutz Dan, close to the Israel-Lebanon border, to Eilat on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. Spanning approximately 1,100 km (683 miles), the trail has been named one of the 20 “Most Epic Hiking Trails in the World’ by National Geographic.


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