The Supreme Court of Israel

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Israel’s Supreme Court is not only known for being the highest court in Israel but also for the striking building in which it is housed. Hailed as the pinnacle of modern Israeli architecture, the building seamlessly blends modern architecture and traditional features found in other buildings in Jerusalem.

The Supreme Court of Israel

The Supreme Court of Israel was once located in a building owned by the Russian Church in the Russian quarter. In 1992, the wheels of justice turned, and the Supreme Court moved into its current headquarters, where it stands sentry on a hill overlooking Jerusalem.

Designed by sibling architect team Ram Karmi and Ada Karmi-Melamede and built by the Rothschild family, the court building is strongly influenced by the Jewish faith and the Bible. The stark modern façade features hints of traditional Jewish architecture. An immense glass pyramid evokes Absalom’s Tomb on the Mount of Olives.

The Knesset (Israeli Parliment)

In Addition, the building’s many windows were designed to highlight internal and external boundaries, and the sky is almost always visible through them and many skylights. Other symbolic features of the building include a staircase leading upward from the entrance foyer, symbolizing the earth’s desire for divine justice through the law.

The building is tucked between the Knesset and the domicile of Israel’s premier minister, symbolizing the link between the executive and the legislature. It is home to five courtrooms, judge’s offices, a library, and an arched courtyard. Moreover, the building has spectacular views over Jerusalem.

Moreover, you can visit the museum in the Supreme Court, where you’ll find a fascinating collection of interesting artifacts relating to the building. Then you can watch a video presentation explaining the Court’s inner workings. And if you’re interested in the justice system and seeing it in play, you can sit in one session in the court. 


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