Jewish Quarter Best Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Jerusalem

So you went to the Western Wall and seen all the key sites! But where are the Jewish Quarter Best Restaurants? Let’s say in case you would like to have a nice event for your family and friends. So here is the ultimate guide for the top restaurants in the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem!

Jewish Quarter Best Restaurants: Between the Arches

“Between the Arches” restaurant is a recommended restaurant in Jerusalem for events, couples, business dinners, and dinners with the whole family. There are many recommended restaurants in Jerusalem but the uniqueness of a restaurant between the arches is the location near the Western Wall. Like many kosher restaurants in Jerusalem, the “Between the Arches” restaurant is strictly kosher. A restaurant that offers you a rich and varied menu that includes a selection of unique dishes. Delicious Breakfasts, event menus, lunch and dinner, and more! Here is a link to their website.

Burgers Bar Old City Jerusalem

Another great option and should be on my guide for the Jewish Quarter best restaurants is Burgers Bar. This is especially true if you fancy a juicy burger accompanied with amazing fries! How do a hamburger with corned beef on top and a sunny-side-up with a yolk that flows over everything into a dreamy bite sound to you ??? ⁠ All this goodness is just one order away!

Holy Cafe

You know the expression “location, location, location!” So yes Holy Cafe is exactly that. It’s a great place to have a well-needed rest after a long tour in the Jewish Quarter. Now since it is located smack in the center of the Jewish Quarter it would be an ideal option. Their menu is good if you compare it to the rest of the eateries you can find in the Jewish Quarter which is mainly fast food. And another big plus is that you actually get service! In other words, there are waiters and all that implies! Again another rare thing in the Jewish Quarter!


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