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Five Best Restaurants in Acre

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So what are the five best restaurants in Acre these days? Well, yours truly went on a culinary tour and I came back with some great restaurants in Acre worth going to. Of course is the legendary Uri Buri but there are some new names worth listing that had entered to the local culinary scene, below you’ll find the complete list!

Five Best Restaurants in Acre: Sama Local Food Bar

Sama Restaurant invites you to enjoy the winning combination of good food and a unique alcohol menu, suitable for all hours of the day, served and inspired by the restaurant chef. Somewhere in the far north between colorful market alleys and a historic city port between mosques and churches, cultures and languages ​​between the land and the sky lies a unique place. Now the colorful restaurant is located on the roof of a building in Old Acre. In fact, it concentrates all the wonders of Acre in one place. They get their fresh spices from the neighbor downstairs. For sure of my five best restaurants in Acre!

Treasures in the Walls Museum
In This Photo: Treasures in the Walls Museum in Old Town Acre

Also, the high quality of fish comes straight from the local fisherman, and the fresh vegetables straight from the local market! All of these are served as authentic food but on a whole different level. Local alcohol menu and there is a variety of cocktails, wines, whiskeys … Conducted and inspired by the esteemed and well-known chef Hamudi Okala.

And How Can I Forget: Uri Buri Restaurant

Uri Buri at Ancient Acre Port is a restaurant that does not need any introduction. This celebrated restaurant has appeared in many international culinary magazines and shows. It was established Uri Jeremias somewhere in the 1980s had regained fame worldwide. Since this is a small and intimate restaurant the service is always great! Don’t expect the food to be anything but amazing. And the price is reasonable. Probably one of the few places in Israel you can eat anchovy raw, and it’s pretty much the freshest fish you’ll ever eat since it is all coming from the Med Sea. Now bear in mind that Uri Buri is a bit of a splurge but totally worth it.

Hummus Said – At the Ancient Market

Another joint worth checking out is the local hummus bar that everyone knows in Acre as Hummus Said. Local flock the place and if you really won’t feel like any other Israeli you should visit this place. In addition, you won’t have to break the bank since a bowl of hummus would be about 20 ILS and if you feel you want to go for seconds you’ll get another nice warm hummus dish on the house. So trust there is no way in the world you’ll feel left the Hummus Said still craving for more of the delicious hummus. By the way, there are known for their Mashwasha which is another form of hummus.

Five Best Restaurants in Acre – Mercato

I want to focus my attention on the Turkish Bazaar. A masterpiece of urban renewal. A renovated market, an alley that used to be filled with all kinds of strange shops now somehow managed to reinvent itself as a significant culinary hotspot in the city. Within a radius of 20-30 meters, there are three small, excellent, original restaurants, run by young, local people, who insist on maintaining the new culinary scene. Not against all odds, but using all the skills that they have. And they are hugely successful. This is a phenomenon that is unusual, even in Tel Aviv terms. I repeat: three excellent restaurants glued to each other’s door to door. In Tel Aviv, they were already gossiping about each other until someone would do something.

Mercato by Chef Omri Sahar is one of them. As befits a restaurant whose spiritual roots are not hidden (Mercato is a market in Italian), you can see it throughout the breadth of the Italian menu: whether it is Crudo (cold entrees), antipasti, pasta, and hot fish and meat main courses. The restaurant offers a tasting menu (interesting: all three restaurants in the Turkish Bazaar offer a tasting menu, as a policy that seeks to maximize the diner’s access to the raw materials they offer), but you should just sample the menu and taste what you fancy. The waitress will ask you to take your time, to eat slowly, according to the slow pace of taking out the dishes. You should not be in no hurry to get anywhere.

El Marsa Restaurant at the Port of Acre

Last but not least is El-Marsa Restaurant! this amazing place has it all, they offer grilled fish, meat, all types of seafood (not kosher), in short, good old Mediterranean food! the place is located in the port of Acre, in an ancient building built in 1210 and later used by the Ottomans for customs. The restaurant successfully combines the modern and ancient side, which is reflected in both design and food, and therefore provides an extraordinary experience for all diners. The restaurant can host events of up to 100 people, with a variety of custom menus.


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