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Monastery of Saint Mark

Holy Land Revealed

Tucked away in the heart of the ancient city of Jerusalem lies a place of unparalleled spiritual significance and historical resonance: the Syriac Orthodox Monastery of Saint Mark.

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A Treasure Trove of History

Imagine stepping into a sacred realm where the past intertwines with the present. According to a 6th-century inscription discovered during a restoration in 1940, this breathtaking monastery is believed to have been constructed upon the hallowed ground where Mary, the mother of St. Mark the Evangelist, once dwelled. It’s also said to be the site of the Last Supper, a pivotal moment in Christian history. Though some believe the Last Supper occurred at the nearby Cenacle on Mount Zion, the aura of sanctity here is undeniable.

The Inscription Speaks

“This is the house of Mary, mother of John, called Mark. Proclaimed a church by the holy apostles under the name of the Virgin Mary, mother of God, after the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ into heaven. Renewed after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in the year A.D. 73.”

A Repository of Ancient Wisdom

Within the monastery’s hallowed halls resides an awe-inspiring collection of manuscripts penned by revered figures in Christianity’s history. These texts, from Mor Kurillos to Mor Aphrem, offer glimpses into the theological wisdom of the ages. It’s a haven for those in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Room of the Last Supper

A Sanctum of Sacred Relics

The Syriac Orthodox Monastery of Saint Mark houses relics that are nothing short of miraculous. Among them is a fragment of the Holy Cross, believed to have been used in the Crucifixion of Jesus, and fragments of saints’ remains. Moreover, a baptismal basin is traditionally attributed to Mary herself and an image of the Virgin Mary is attributed to the apostle St. Luke.

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A Pilgrim’s Haven

Throughout history, this sanctuary has drawn countless pilgrims from around the globe. From the Bordeaux Pilgrim in 333 A.D. to Saint Sylvia of Aquitaine in 385 A.D., its spiritual magnetism transcends time and borders.

Monasteries in Israel
Monasteries in Israel

Legacy and Resilience

The Syriac Orthodox community, established by the apostle St. Peter, finds its center here. Despite persecution in the 6th century, their resilience shines through. The monastery, which has undergone numerous rebuilds, now serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Jerusalem. Its rich and enduring history is a testament to the faith of the people who call it home.

Monastery of the Cross
Another Angle of the Monastery.
Credit: Moshe Stern, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Rebuilt Through the Ages

Over the centuries, the monastery has been reconstructed repeatedly, preserving its sacred aura. Notable reconstructions in 1009, 1718, 1791, 1833, 1858, and 1940 have helped maintain its historical significance.

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Join the Journey

So whether you’re a devout pilgrim, a history enthusiast, or simply seeking a moment of reflection, the Syriac Orthodox Monastery of Saint Mark beckons with open arms. Moreover, it’s an experience that bridges the chasm of time, inviting you to connect with Jerusalem’s deep-rooted spirituality and history. So step into this living tapestry of faith and history, and you’ll find yourself touched by the divine.


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