Tel Aviv Promenade

Tel Aviv Promenade runs along the Mediterranean seashore in Tel Aviv, Israel. In the late 1930s, the city council decided to build a promenade for separation between bathing areas and hiking or promenading paths. It extended from Bograshov Beach to where Jerusalem Beach is located now.

The Diffrent Sections of Tel Aviv Promenade

Tel Baruch Promenade

Tel Baruch Promenade runs between Tel Baruch Beach in the north and the Yarkon River in the south. The construction of the promenade required a long pedestrian bridge over the power station’s docks. It is paved with concrete; with separate trails for pedestrians and bicyclists. This section of the promenade is mostly secluded from the city, although there are plans for significant construction along it; should the airfield be relocated.

Port Promenade

The Port Promenade runs along the restored Tel Aviv Port; between the mouth of the Yarkon River and Metzizim Beach. It opened in 2005, and it is made up of a wooden deck built along the Port’s old sea wall. It is mostly commercial in nature, with many coffee houses, restaurants and shops, but without any bathing beaches. Still the beaches that are just to the south of the port are great. You have lots of parking there so no worries.

Metzizim/Hilton Promenade

So this promenade runs between Metzizim Beach in the north and Gordon Beach in the south. This promenade has two distinct sections: an older one between Metzizim and Hilton Beaches and a newer one between Hilton and Gordon. It is somewhat narrower than Lahat Promenade because of its location between the kurkar ([[eoli) bluffs and the beach.

Lahat Promenade (Herbert Samuel St.)

So the is the main promenade in Tel Aviv, leading from Gordon beach to Aviv beach. The promenade was built in 1939 as a narrow promenade, elevated above sea level. In the 1980s it was demolished in preparation for reconstruction. In 1982, the first section was opened to the public. The new promenade is broad and paved with pebbles. It is separated from the beach by a narrow strip of shore vegetation. On the promenade are several artistic sculptures and memorial plaques. In 1998, the promenade was renamed in honor of former mayor Shlomo Lahat, who was in office during the construction years and promoted the process.

Sha’ar Le’Yafo Promenade (Gate to Jaffa promenade) The section that links Charles Clore Park and Jaffa

So there you can find a really good restaurant called Manta Ray. One of the best seafood restaurants I know in Tel Aviv. So if you are in the area stop by the place. They also offer fabulous breakfasts, so don’t miss that as well! My favorite dish is the tuna steak, My goodness it is so good! Your waiter will offer you a variety of freshly made salads; accompanied by Balkan bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. But apart from the tuna steak that I adore you have also baked blue bream seasoned with rosemary and olive oil with endive and Jerusalem artichoke flakes.

Chomot ha’Yam Promenade (Sea barriers promenade)

So this section that links Sha’ar Le’Yafo Promenade and the Jaffa Port. The outline of the demolished ancient walls of Jaffa is marked out on the promenade pavement. There you could find interesting sites on the way to Jaffa. For example Al-Bahr Mosque and Saint Nicholas Monastery.


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Best Beaches in Tel Aviv


Tomb of Absalom

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The Village of Cana

According to John, the Village of Cana is where the Gospel narrates Jesus performing his first miracle, turning water into wine!

The Haganah Museum

The Haganah Museum is dedicated to the story of the paramilitary organization that defended the Jewish community under the British Mandate!

The Temple at Ein Gedi

The Chalcolithic Temple at Ein Gedi is one of the three sanctuaries dated to the Chalcolithic period that can be found in the area.


Magdala is believed to have been the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus' closest followers. Rich with archeological finds is a must!

Church of Mary Theotokos (Mount Gerizim)

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Mary’s Well

Mary's Well is reputed to be located at the site where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, mother of Jesus according to Christian Orthodox.

Apollonia National Park

Apollonia National Park is perched on the Mediterranean Sea. The crumbling ruins of this ancient city give way to a stunning tour!

Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

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Tishbi Winery

Tishbi Winery is a family-owned and operated winery. The winery was built in the 1880s by fourth-generation vintner, Jonathan Tishbi.

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