Can I Visit Israel With an Arab Passport Stamp?

Many want to come and visit the Holy Land but as you know Israel is not friends with the entire Arab World. So can I visit Israel with an Arab passport stamp? So in short the answer is yes you can! But let’s dive into the subject for more information and some different cases. First, you should note that it does not matter from which Arab country you’re coming from; because the State of Israel allows each and every nationality to enter Israel. There are some Arab countries that don’t allow visitors coming from Israel. For example, Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Diplomatic relations that were recently established between the U.A.E, Morocco, Bahrain, and Sudan today make it possible to visit even after touring Israel.

Why Israel Does Not Stamp Passports Anymore ?

If you’re on a tourist visa (B2) For a few years already, Israel doesn’t stamp passports, in order to allow tourists to continue their journey to Arab countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel. Please note that if you don’t come to Israel on a tourist visa this would require a stamp on your passport and it would require you to prepare in advance by perhaps having two passports or bringing a foreign one.

Do keep this paper slip you get from the Israeli immigration because you would need it as proof of entry for different buinesses. For example, car rentals in Israel can give a better rate if you’re a tourist (they don’t pay VAT) but they need to see that you’re on a tourist visa. This is true also regarding hotels or shops they all need that entry ticket. So keep it inside your passport till you leave Israel. I wish you a great stay in Israel. Please read more in my Jerusalem Guide and my Tel Aviv Guide, both are excellent guides to get to know the country.

Will I Be Screened More Thoroughly With an Arab Passport Stamp?

So if you’re coming from an Arab country; or you have a stamp from an Arab country you will enter Israel, no worries. But be prepared to be asked a lot of questions. While you are asked these questions, be polite! Be cool because Israeli security might sound aggressive. Also, be frank and tell them what they need to know. More about this subject you can read my guide about Israeli airport security. The questions are usually quite routine but be prepared! Like why are you visiting Israel? Where are you planning to stay? And so forth, so be ready and have answers to these questions.


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