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Very Best Wine Tour in Samaria!

Delicious Israel

So here is an offer for my Very Best Wine Tour in Samaria! At the beginning of the 1990s, many wineries began to be established in the Judea and Samaria areas. In fact, a similar process happened in the Golan Heights; boutique wineries in nature; which realized the many benefits of growing wine grapes in these areas. Wineries such as Givot; Shilo, Psagot, Tura; Gush Etzion, and others produce wine whose quality cannot be ignored.

Very Best Wine Tour in Samaria: Tura Winery 

So Tura Winery is a family estate and one of the most meticulous boutique wineries in the country. Furthermore, the winery was established in Rachelim by Vered and Erez Ben Saadon in 2003. Moreover, the vineyards are planted in Bracha in Samaria at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level; which allows for an optimal climate for growing fine wine grapes. The selection of the winery’s wines is produced with love, perseverance, and patience. They are full-bodied, fruity rich, and go on the market after prolonged aging in the cellars of the winery. 

Very Best Wine Tour in Samaria: Psagot Winery 

Psagot Winery was established in 2003 and has been growing steadily ever since! Furthermore, Psagot Winery and the vineyards planted deep in the rocky soil of Benjamin, is a continuation of a chain of many generations of settlement and production of fine wine; in an area where the conditions for this are optimal. Officially, the winery was established in 2003 and has been growing steadily ever since. Today the winery produces over 600,000 bottles of 14 different types; of which over 70% are exported to dozens of countries around the world.

Every year, the winery’s wines win prestigious competitions around the world, medals, and international awards. In June 2020, Psagot Winery moved to its new location at Sha’ar Binyamin. In a beautiful stone building built in the shape of an ancient khan overlooking Wadi Kelt and the Edom Mountains; on one side is the wine production plant and the impressive wine cellar where over 1000 barrels are aged each year and on the other the winery’s visitor center and event hall. 


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