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Israel Ultimate Packing Guide

the essential checklist

What Clothes Should I Wear In Israel?

Are you ready for my Israel Ultimate Packing Guide? Here we go! Getting ready for any trip could be quite stressful! Packing your things into one little suitcase could be even tenser. Sometimes when people travel for the first time to a destination, they have a tendency to overpack, this packing travel guide I’ve composed here will try and help you to avoid that.

As a private tour guide in Israel for the last decade or so and for someone that had lived in Israel all his life let me assure you one thing. Israel is a westernized country that has everything you need in case you forgot it. Tel Aviv has all the major brands you will find in Europe or in America.

Packing for Israel is not as difficult as some might think, and taking into account the relatively temperate climate here in Israel, getting ready for your trip is really easy. Here is my ultimate Israel packing guide to make the most from your travels in Israel and to answer the question: What clothes should I wear in Israel?

Generally speaking, Israel is a pretty laid-back and relaxed country when it comes to dressing code. You can say practically it doesn’t exist in most. On most occasions, you can come very casually dressed and it will be totally fine. restructures for example, including fine dining, will let you in even after just came from the beach with flip flops and shorts.

So Jeans (short pants as well), T-Shirts, and if you are touring Israel so comfortable walking shoes will be just fine for most situations and touring sites (with some exceptions I’ll get to soon).

What To Wear In Israel When Visiting Religious Sites?

As someone that gives guided tours of Israel almost on a daily basis let me assure you that coming with pants/skirts that are UNDER the knees are just fine. T-shirts unless they are extra short or very revealing, it’s not a problem. There is only one exception and that when you go up to Temple Mt. If you want to visit the Muslim holy sites, there they will ask you to cover up. although they do have long T-shirts with long sleeves and long dresses to hand out if you prefer your own that’s understandable.

“Avoid Short Skirts, Short Shorts, and Sleeveless Shirts”

Israel Ultimate Packing Guide: What to Pack When Visiting Israel in the Summer?

When the summer sets in Israel and that’s from around early May and Mid April it’s time to take out the shorts and the general rule is “Pack light! The Shorter the Better” because if you are not going to visit a religious holy site it is gonna be hot outside and you should prepare yourself. it doesn’t rain here in the summer and till Early October it is getting hotter and hotter. My Personal secret tip is a hat with a long brim that would cover your face and neck entirely.

“Shorts, Sandlas, A HAT! Shades is a Must in the Hot Israeli Summers”

My secret tip for anyone that is planning to tour Israel, whether it is a private tour in Israel or just on your own. Get or just buy a large umbrella. You can make people really envy and bring with you a UV sun protection umbrella. If you are staying at a hotel sometimes they have some umbrellas left from the last winter, ask them! this will change your entire experience if you are touring all day in the scorching hot Israeli summer! being under the shade will make things much more bearable.

Tip #2: Wear white clothes that don’t attract heat and light breathable materials. Another tip when touring is to wet your hat once in a while. By doing this, your body temperature will drop and make things enjoyable again.  so bottom line: pack light breathable fabrics, hats, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a bathing suit. Also be sure to pack sunscreen, bug spray (for the mosquitoes at night), and a water bottle for staying refreshed and to avoid dehydration.

“Get Your Hat Soaked with Water While Touring Under the Sun! That Will Keep Your Body Temperature Low”

Check out some of the best things to do in Israel in the summer and for the best-frozen yogurt in Israel in order to stay cool during the hot summer months so check out my post below! Best Frozen Yogurt in Tel-Aviv!

What Clothes to Wear in Israel When Visiting in the Winter?

What clothes should I wear in Israel in winter? Even though the winter here is not extremely harsh it will be a wise thing to prepare yourself for some cold weather, especially in the high summers like in Jerusalem, Upper Galilee, and the Golan Heights, where it can even snow! The months January-February are among the coldest months, Israel has only about 15 rainy days but when it does rain it can pour not for days over but still you should come prepared.

What to Wear in Jerusalem?

when coming to Israel in the winter better to pack in layers. Bring a warm jacket that is water-resistant. If you are touring so sometimes it can rain and after an hour it suddenly sunny again so make sure you have a couple of layers on you that can take off accordingly. If it rains for a really long time and you are touring check my post on what to do in Jerusalem in case of a rainy day or what to do in Tel-Aviv on a rainy day.

Leave Some Room in Your Suitcase!

Last tip for the day: pack light and leave some room in your suitcase. From small high-end boutiques to market vendors and large international chains, Israel has it all and there are plenty of clothes and items to purchase in Israel. Here are some of the best souvenirs to get while in Israel. So when you are planning your trip and the question of what clothes should I wear in Israel, bear in mind there are great options here as well in case you forgot something.

For more help regarding planning your trip to Israel please refer to my FAQ Page!


Hi! My name is Arik, an Israeli native who dedicated his life to sharing my passion for the Holy Land with those interested in knowing more about this incredible piece of land. I’m the Chief Guide at ‘APT Private Tours in Israel’.

Did you know the Hoopoe is Israel's national bird?! For more cool info about Israel, join our ever growing community and get exclusive travel tips, and giveaways!

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