How to Visit Petra From Israel?

Exploring the Holy Land

So I get asked a lot about How to Visit Petra From Israel? So when in the Holy Land, visiting Petra from Israel is an absolute must! After all, if you’re in the region, what better time to discover this ancient wonder? The Lost City of Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Nabataeans were those who beautifully carved out the city from the rose-hued rock. Undoubtedly it will leave you without words to describe the experience. To venture with a private tour guide is the best way to explore Petra and its surroundings, combining it with a comprehensive tour of the Holy Land.

I personally think Petra is a unique place that everyone should visit! My Petra Tours are possible any day and you can combine the tour into your trip to Israel. Usually, it’s best to stay in Jordan overnight and not make it a one-day tour because it takes time to get there and come back. Petra is on the bucket list of many tourists. In addition, to visit Petra, there is a possibility to bundle it with other amazing sites in Jordan, like Jerash, Wadi Rum, Madaba, Mt. Nevo, and more!

Petra Tours: How to Visit Petra Independently

Touring Petra from Israel is possible by crossing one of the three border crossings. The border crossings in Eilat (Wadi Arava Crossing) and Beit Shean (Sheikh Hussein Crossing) issue visas on arrival. Some restricted nationalities are required to pre-arrange a visa, so be sure to check your requirements. All visas must be pre-arranged when crossing via Allenby Bridge between Jerusalem and Amman

Independent crossing can take time, and public transportation may be unreliable. Therefore, taxis are the simplest way to get from the nearest town to the border. Worth noting that public transportation and taxis are way cheaper In Jordan than in Israel.

Taxis from Amman to Petra cost around $75 – so you can transfer via taxi and then hire a guide at Petra.

Consider that the entrance fee at Petra is approximately $130 for a one-day visit to Jordan!


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