Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Israel

Holy Land For Foodies

Where are the best fine dining restaurants in Israel? So Israel has one of the best food scenes worldwide. There are great restaurants in Israel where dinner is turning into a celebration and utterly delicious, this is especially true in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Here are some suggestions for the best fine dining in Israel. 

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Israel: Aria Upstairs Restaurant

Aria Restaurant in Tel Aviv has a tasty variety of appetizers from whom you chose, like their dumplings stuffed with four types of cheese and wild spinach, and a sage butter glaze. There is a wide selection of seafood options in the starters and some salads and a delicious mushroom dish. Everything is a delight to the palate, and all meals are beautifully presented.

For main courses, I would recommend their beef stakes: the seared sirloin, potato and burnt shallot foam, tortellini filled with caramelized shallot, roasted radish, and wine sauce, and the Hanger steak, a steak served over Jerusalem artichoke and charred leek cream, in red wine sauce. Both cooked medium-rare. These two are exceptional dishes. Drinks like cocktails and their wine selection and dessert were also good. The service is always attentive and professional. 

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Israel: Chakra (Jerusalem)

Chakra is my personal favorite for fine dining while I am touring Jerusalem. Always on a Jerusalem private tour, I like to end there if it’s possible. Their entrées are just delicious! Like their lemon garlic cauliflower or their spicy tuna bruschetta & aioli, and last their open fire eggplant, sheep milk yogurt & tomatoes. I think personally that only with these dishes you’re just right. But if you have room for some more of their superb dishes try kebab with grilled vegies & tahini and on their specials, they offer jumbo shrimps and T-bone steak that you end up licking your fingers. 

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Israel: 1910 (Sea of Galilee)

1910 is a beautiful restaurant located in Kibbutz Degania Alef, one of the first to be founded in Israel. Adjacent just next to the Sea of Galilee gives the restaurant the perfect setting for a lovely evening. If you get a table at the patio, you could sit in the historic courtyard surrounded by century-old structures. Apart from all the above, their menu is the primary reason why you should go and dine there. For starters, the artichoke agnolotti is a delicious dish, not filling, and paves the way for the excellent fish and seafood they have on the menu. For example, the Argentinian shrimp or the black linguine “carbonara.” Or if you are a meat person, so the 200 gr beef fillet will make your hat fly off. here is a link for their website!


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