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Benny Morris Lecture: A New Look at the 1948 Arab-Israeli War

Touring Israel

In Benny Morris’s lecture: ‘A New Look at the 1948 Arab-Israeli War’ he offers a fresh perspective to the bloodiest war in Israeli history. So much has been said and written about the 1948 war. This time Benny Morris, who has written so much about the subject in his books, offers a fresh new perspective about the subject. Firstly, Prof. Morris, in this lecture, compares the two fighting sides. On one hand, the Zionist movement and on the other hand, the Arab world. His main argument is that for the Zionist movement, this war was not a religious war, while for the other side, it was a religious Jihad. 

At the end of Benny Morris’s Lecture, the audience gets to ask Morris questions that I think are very relevant to the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Morris is breaking some known myths regarding the 1948 war in this hour-long lecture. And I invite you to read some of his books that became best sellers. For example, The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited (2004). Another good book would be 1948: A History of the First Arab–Israeli War (2008).


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