The Carta Jerusalem Atlas by Dan Bahat

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The Carta Jerusalem Atlas by Prof. Dan Bahat is a book review I enjoyed writing about it! Because if you desire to get Jerusalem Better, so this is the book you will need. Prof. Dan Bahaht did an amazing job here compiling this outstanding book to anyone that wishes to get to know the ancient city through the various periods. The updated and illustrated Atlas takes this standard refers to a new level with an expanded size.

What makes the Carta Jerusalem Atlas is the fact it is filled with lots of maps; diagrams; reconstructions and color photographs. Also, the historical and architectural development of the Holy City unfolds simply before the reader’s eyes. Each major period in Jerusalem’s 4,000-year history is dealt with at length and instructively, with information based on the latest archaeological findings and scientific research. But remember it’s a big book to carry with you so either get a PDF version. Or you can just read before visiting Israel. I guess the only disadvantage that some would find as a plus is that this is a very detailed atlas. So for those that like lots and lots of information this is the book for you!

So if are not planning to get a private tour guide in Israel, so I do recommend you get the Carta Jerusalem Atlas and use it for Jerusalem. Even before coming to the Holy Land, you can do read it and you will learn a lot. I think the most detailed part is about the times of Herod the Great and the Roman Period. Dan Bahat did a wonderful work putting lots of maps and illustrations that even without touring the Holy City you can imagine how things were.


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