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Jaffa is one of the ancient port cities in the Mediterranean. For over 5000 years Jaffa has been the gateway between East and West, North and South, a cosmopolitan city that has served beyond warriors, pilgrims and visitors, goods, ideas, fashions, and stories. The stories of Jaffa are displayed in the new visitor center in the heart of Kedumim Square in Old Jaffa, inside an archeological space located under the crowded square.

At the Jaffa Port wharf, you will meet the main archeological finds discovered in excavations in the city, which represent the cultures, goods, armies, and pilgrims who passed through the city for thousands of years and left their mark on it. You will visit ancient buildings that are thousands of years old and you will meet Judah Agronimos, a Jaffa man from the first century CE, who lived in the ancient house in the heart of the visitors’ center. Judah Agronimos meets with different characters of Jaffa who come to stay at his house and tell him the stories of the city.

For reservations and additional details: 03-6828006 or by email [email protected]

Languages ​​of the performances: Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

Admission by reservation and prior arrangement

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