The Ultimate Treks in Israel

Holy Land Explored

What are the ultimate treks in Israel? The ones that would take your breath away? So this post is all about the different treks you can hike in the Holy Land. So the very first on my list of the ultimate treks in Israel is the last section of the Jesus Trail. The last section starts at the top of Mt. Arbel to Capernaum via Mt. of Beatitudes.

The Ultimate Treks in Israel

After ascending Mount Arbel there is a climb down the cliff to come out on a small fertile agricultural plain adjacent to the Sea of Galilee. Then the trail arrives at the northern shore of the lake to the church at Tabgha which commemorates the New Testament account of Jesus feeding the multitudes; then to the church and gardens at the Mount of Beatitudes; which commemorates the Sermon on the Mount. And then finally arriving at the ancient lakeside fishing village of Capernaum with its extensive ruins and the modern church. So this trek is suitable for the more spiritual and is looking for a way to get closer to Jesus

Upper Galilee: Sea to Sea Trail 

The Sea to Sea Trail is a hiking path that crosses the north of Israel. Its western end is in the Mediterranean Sea at Achziv, near the Lebanese border in the far north of the country, and it extends to the Sea of Galilee, a length of approximately 71 km. So there is a third section that follows Nahal Kziv this is a great hike to do! And for sure one of my Ultimate Treks in Israel. 

Judea Desert: Wadi Darga 

Wadi Murabba’at, also known as Nahal Darga, is a ravine cut by a seasonal stream that runs from the Judaean Desert east of Bethlehem past the Herodium down to the Dead Sea 18 km south of Khirbet Qumran in the West Bank. It was here in caves that Jewish fighters hid out during the Bar Kochba revolt; leaving behind documents that include some letters signed by Simon Bar Kochba. I think the views are captivating and no doubt on my top list as one of the ultimate treks in Israel. You should consult people that done it before you go because it does require some preparations. For example, ropes and such.

Ultimate Treks in Israel: Ein Avdat National Park 

This is quite an easy trek to do and does not take more than 2 hours. It does require some climbing but I think almost everyone can do it. In my tour guide course, I had people that were in their 70s and they did it with no problem. Ein Avdat National Park is one of my favorite parks in Israel. And if you have some extra days in the Holy Land you should go check it out! The Negev Desert views are captivating and seem eternal.


Hi! My name is Arik Haglili, an Israeli native who decided to dedicate his life to share my knowledge about the Holy Land to those that are interested to know more about this amazing piece of land. My career as a private tour guide started at the International School For the Studying of the Holocaust and the rest is history.

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