Hiking Ein Avdat

Hiking Ein Avdat is one of my favorite outdoor activities in Israel! Either in the summer or in the winter, exploring this spectacular piece of wilderness will leave a strong impression. So Ein Avdat is a canyon in the Negev Desert; just next to Kibbutz Sde Boker. Did you know that Ein was inhabited by Nabateans and even by Catholic monks. Furthermore, numerous springs at the southern opening of the canyon empty into deep pools in a series of waterfalls. The water emerges from the rock layers with salt-tolerant plants like Poplar trees and Saltbush growing nearby.

Now you know why hiking in Ein Avdat is my favorite place in Israel for hikes in the wilderness! When you enter Ein Avdat National Park you just feel the magic right away. I mean don’t get me wrong it is not a huge National Park and the hike is quite short. But still, I find it so enjoyable. I recommend starting early for two main reasons. First to beat to crowds!

Hiking Ein Avdat: Why It’s Worth Coming Early 

This especially true if it’s high season and trust me the trail is narrow and it not fun to get stuck behind someone really slow. Second the heat, now although in the winter it is totally fine to hike there still it is getting hot even in the winter. And well in the summer I guess no need to explain what does it mean if you’ll get there in high noon when the sun is exactly over your head. 

Now if you’re already in the area consider going to grab something to eat in Hotel Beresheet restaurant! It’s about 30 minutes drive from there and I think it’s worth it, and certainly earned it. They have two options there. the kosher dairy restaurant with an amazing view over the Ramon Crater National Park. And there is another one that is serving meat, so no dairy just next to the hotel pool. Both for sure worth checking out!



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