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Snir Stream Nature Reserve

Exploring Israel

The Snir Stream Nature Reserve (Hasbani) is a tranquil reserve in Upper Galilee. It is home to a network of lovely hiking trails, rushing cold water streams, thick foliage, beautiful native flora and fauna, natural waterfalls, and quiet secluded areas to relax. It’s a fantastic place to visit with the family to enjoy the outdoors.

The Snir Stream Nature Reserve is located north of Kibbutz Hagoshrim and spans around three-square miles. The park is based around the Snir Stream, which encompasses the longest of the three tributaries feeding the Jordan River. The entire waterway is over 40 miles, but only a tiny segment is in Israel, and the remainder is in southern Lebanon.

As the stream travels through Mt. Hermon’s limestone slopes, it gains volume from numerous springs that join the stream and forges a channel through the basalt rock going south across the reserve. The southern part of the reserve is accessible to visitors. It offers excellent facilities such as a swimming pool, picnic areas, hike trails, observation points, and gorgeous natural scenery surrounding the stream.

History of Snir Stream Nature Reserve

The Snir Stream Nature Reserve was declared in 1974 to preserve the rare habitat of indigenous flora and fauna, including an important community of otters. The reserve protects various water plants and travertine rock created over 25,000 years ago.

Points of Interest

The Snir Stream Nature Reserve has several exciting attractions to enjoy with the family.

·         Snir stream: The stream flows at capacity throughout the year and meanders through thick vegetation and travertine walls shaded by a well-developed forest.

·         Pools: The park is home to two man-made pools. Visitors can enjoy swimming in one of the pools, while the other is for rare water plants, including the dwarf water clover and the yellow pond lily.

·         Bird watching: The reservoir is an important resting point for migrating birds and a home for many water birds. There is a bird hide in the northern part of the reserve overlooking the Tapline reservoir, where visitors can spot a wide range of bird species, including migrating different waterfowl.

Snir Stream Nature Reserve

·         Hiking trails: The Snir Stream Hiking Trail is a short, gentle hike along the eastern banks of the stream. There is plenty of shade from the dense plane trees and thick foliage.

·         Observation Points: Some fantastic observation points in the park offer spectacular views of the northern part of the reserve, where the stream flows past a basalt plateau and through a canyon. You can also see the Ghajar Bridge, where the stream leaves the canyon.

·         Travertine Falls: A series of small waterfalls to the left of the hiking trail features yellowish travertine rock formed by a slow, steady current flowing continuously for many years.

Visiting the Snir Stream Nature Reserve

The Snir Stream Nature Reserve is open Sunday to Thursday and Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm, and until 4 pm in winter. The park closes at 4 pm/3 pm on Fridays and holidays. You can use the visitors’ parking area as a barbeque and picnic area. 


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