Mount Meron Nature Reserve

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Mount Meron Nature Reserve, located in Galilee, is the largest Mediterranean nature reserve in Israel. Declared a national park during the British era, this spacious park covers over 11,000 hectares of land and contains a beautiful and unique ecosystem. Here you can walk among the lush vegetation, smell the rare flowers, and photograph the fascinating wildlife that calls this place home. You will find the Mount Meron Field School in the heart of this beautiful land, where many visitors go to start their adventures. Mount Meron Nature Reserve is more than just your average nature reserve; it also features an important historical, cultural, and religious site that draws thousands of visitors each year. If you would like to experience a gorgeous location rich with activities, I suggest you join me on a private tour of this lovely park. 

Mount Meron Nature Reserve Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Within the Mount Meron Nature Reserve, there are many tombs that date back thousands of years. In particular, one tomb draws a significant crowd each year, the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a sage of the Jewish religion and credited with writing the Zohar, an essential work of the Kabbalah. In fact, it was said that after Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai died, his then-empty bed flew over the slope of Mount Meron when he was taken to be buried. They considered this a sign and chose to bury his body on the mountain. Now, many people pilgrimage to the site on Lag B’Omer to celebrate Upsherin. Non-religious visitors are welcome to enjoy the festivities, although they must adhere to the traditional customs. 

The Old Synagogue at Meron
In This Photo: Mount Meron Ancient Synagogue

So it is time to strap on your hiking boots and stretch those legs! Because Mount Meron Nature Reserve is known for its incredible trails that will take you through a wide diversity of trees and vibrant wildflowers. You will be able to soak in mother nature, take a much-needed deep breath of fresh air, and let all your troubles drift away as you stroll along the winding paths.

The Summit Trail is one of the best hikes that you can take in the Mount Meron Nature Reserve; this path encircles the peak of Mt. Meron. Rising 1,208 meters above sea level, you will have a spectacular view over Upper Galilee, southern Lebanon, and the Golan. No matter which trail you choose in the Mount Meron Nature Reserve, you will have a splendid day out experiencing Mother Nature at her finest.


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