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Alona Park (Mey Kedem)

Fun Things to Do in Israel

Alona Park is a natural park that near the entrance there is the water dam “Mey Kedem,” which is a water aqueduct from the Roman-Byzantine period. The water aqueduct was part of the ancient water system leading to Caesarea. Today visitors can walk through and this is especially fun in the hot summer months.

A Little More About Alona Park (Mey Kedem)

Alona Park went through massive restoration! Significantly where the 280-meter-long aqueduct is! And now they restored six kilometers. The aqueduct can be entered with guidance from local guides. The female is entirely dark, and it is advisable and desirable to equip yourself with flashlights, comfortable clothes, and shoes suitable for walking in the water. The depth of the water varies and can reach up to about 70 cm. The aqueduct has two exit points, one in the middle of the road and the other after 200 meters.

In the hot summers, Israel has, and you are looking for a way to cool off. So trust me, Alona Park is the ideal place; it’s a short experience that, if you’re a family with kids, might be the best way in the area to drop down the body temperature for a bit before going out to the summer heat. After that, you might want to relax and go to a nice winery in the area.

Opening Hours:

Alona Park is open Saturday Through Thursday: 9 am–3 pm

On Fridays: 9 am–1 pm

Phone: +9726388622

Here is a link to their website


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