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Photos In Beit Guvrin National Park

Exploring Israel

Where can you take the best photos In Beit Guvrin National Park? So Beit Guvrin National Park is a beautiful location to visit for a couple of hours. The park lies Judean Plains next to exquisite Wineries. The captivating Bell Caves leaves a very strong impression on its visitors.

In This Photo: The Bell Caves at Beit Guvrin

The pale and soft chalk mass inside of the caves seems like marble from the inside. And when you are going inside, you can enjoy the silence of the caves. The caves are man-made and there were used as a quarry in the Byzantine Period and Muslim Period. The problem those diggers had was how to cut through the hard chalky crust known as Caliche but as you can see, they managed.

In 2014 UNESCO declared the National Park as a World Heritage Site so you can imagine that the number of visitors had increased since then. I think the best place for taking photos In Beit Guvrin National Park is at the Bell Caves. Also, the best time for a photo is towards midday.

In This Photo: The Burial Caves at Beit Guvrin

When the sun is directly above the caves and this way you can have good lighting. If you are already in the area I would recommend checking out the Meresha. Tel Maresha was an ancient city first recorded in the Bible and was excavated in the 20th century. On-site you can find impressive Burial Caves.

So if you feel like touring and you want to have a fun day learning about the caves; feel free to get in touch and I am sure we would have a wonderful time at Beit Guvrin National Park. Next to the park, there are wonderful wineries we can visit to end the day with a blast. Or if you’re traveling with kids; so we can participate in an archaeological dig in the park. 


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