Tamara Yogurt

Best Froyo in Tel Aviv

So Where You Can Get the Best Yogurt in Tel Aviv. So that’s easy! It’s Tamara Yogurt. There are so many Yogurt Places in TLV, What Makes This Place So Different?

Well, this has to do with the owner and establisher of the place, Kobi. He actually started in having a fresh juice stand on the corner of Ben Gurion St. & Dizengoff (that is by the way still exists). So, actually opening Tamara yogurt was the natural next step for Kobi. Tamara Yogurt has a constant supply of fresh fruits from the nearby juice stand. There is a vast selection of fruits, nuts, and all kinds of toppings you could ever think of, including gummy bears!

If this isn’t enough! At Tamara Yogurt you can also choose all kinds of graving like hot chocolate; white chocolate; honey; tahini; dulce de leche and more.  Another nice thing about Tamara is the young vibe that there is always there. May it be the staff that is very friendly and accommodating but the crowds drawn to end the day with a nice refreshing yogurt.

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The first Tamara Yogurt has opened a couple of years ago at Ben-Yehuda & Gordon St,’ but there is a new one that was opened at Rothschild Boulevard & Nahalat Binyamin St’. Both of them are very inviting and if you are around just stop and have a taste, you won’t regret it! The place usually opens everywhere at 09:00 am and closes down around 23:00. On weekends closing time is actually till the last customer sometimes 02:00 or even 03:00 am after midnight. (Don’t forget weekends here are Friday and Saturday).

After a long tour, this is for sure one of my favorite places in Tel Aviv to get a delicious and cold Froyo! But I will leave it to you to decide! Let me know in the comments below if I am correct or not…


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