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Highway 10

A Beautiful Road Trip

There are many beautiful roads in Israel but few compare to Highway 10. The road stretches along the border with Egypt and offers ancient landscapes; whose beauty pinches the heart. In recent years, the road has been closed to civilian traffic for security reasons, but it has recently been opened for a few days on some holidays – and it is highly recommended to take the opportunity to walk along with it.

Road 10, which was paved in the early 1980s following the withdrawal from Sinai. It is one of the longest roads in Israel. The ride will meet us with spectacular views towards the Negev and towards Sinai. The route proposed here is suitable for all vehicles and we will start it at the Nitzana junction, about 37.5 km from the Tlalim junction. Before starting the trip on Highway10, it is worth refueling at the Tlalim junction, since there are no gas stations along the road!

Highway 10

At the Nitzana junction, turn left, heading south, pass the Nitzana educational community and the water tower of the Turkish Railway Station, pass Nitzana National Park – if you have not yet visited here, stop and spend time in this fascinating place – and continue to the Ezuz junction.

At the junction, choose the right branch of road 10; which leads to a narrow bridge over Nahal Ezuz, which the Turks built during the First World War. The first stopping point on our trip (if you have not stopped before in Nitzana National Park) is the Ezuz-Wells grove; which has two ancient wells. From here the road becomes a dirt road; passable for any vehicle, at the end of which you reach a military checkpoint.

Turn left and continue south, along the border fence; to the Sabha cistern, an ancient cistern that is filled with water most of the year. The cistern itself is located c. 800 m east of the road and can be reached by a bumpy road that is only suitable for SUVs. If you are traveling in a regular vehicle: leave it by the road and walk about 20 minutes to the pit. In the pit itself, you can go down an improvised ladder to wade in the water.


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