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The Best Falafel In Israel

Holy Land Food Tours

I always get the question where can you find the best falafel in Israel, our national dish? So first just for those that are not sure what exactly falafel is, so in one sentence falafel is a deep-fried ball from ground chickpeas, and has been a traditional Middle Eastern food for a very long time. I am not sure if you can crown it as our national dish since we didn’t invent it. But still, this is our fish and chips or, our typical street food alongside with shawarma. So, where can you get the best Falafel in Israel? Well, first on one of my culinary tours of Tel Aviv! But if not with me privately guiding you so here is my favorites.

The Best Falafel in Israel: Hakosem In Tel Aviv

‘Hakosem’ (Tel Aviv): This joint became quite an institution by now in Tel Aviv since the place opened its doors. The name of the restaurant means English ‘the magician’ and what can I tell you it’s true. Ariel Rosenthal truly performs magic with his cooking transforming his place, not just another falafel stand on the streets of Tel Aviv but a real eating experience. The service is efficient, and to those who want to try other types of street food, you also have heavenly shawarma and great hummus on the menu. ‘Hakosem’ is one of my stops on my Tel Aviv food tours.

The Best Falafel in Israel: Abu Shukri In Jerusalem

Abu Shukri (Jerusalem): If Jerusalem’s best falafel is your prime concern Abu Shukri is undoubtedly one of the best falafel joints in Jerusalem. Its location in Old City Jerusalem makes an ideal stop if you plan to explore the area.  Another question that I sometimes get on my Jerusalem culinary tours is, what makes a falafel great? Since falafel is not a complicated dish to make, it does raise the question of what differentiates a good falafel from a great falafel? Well, first is the ingredients they have to be fresh. They can’t come from a can like some restaurants might use. For example, the most natural thing would be to use canned chickpeas instead of soaking them in water overnight and cooking them for several hours. But there is a considerable difference.

Another thing is mixing it for herbs. The herbs-mix used for the falafel is critical if they are not fresh or not thrown in the mixture at the right amount, the falafel would have no taste. To discover what is your magic mix of herbs, that you should put in your falafel that’s personal and a matter of trial and error.

Directions to Hummus Abu Shukri


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