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Discover the Finest Israeli Distilleries!

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Israel may be best known for its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture, but did you know it’s also home to some incredible distilleries? These Israeli artisans have perfected their craft from whisky to gin, creating world-class spirits and making waves in the global market. Join me to explore the best Israeli distilleries redefining the art of distillation.

Milk & Honey Distillery:

So first on my list of Israeli Distilleries is M&H! It’s located in Tel Aviv, Milk & Honey Distillery has been at the forefront of Israel’s whisky scene since its establishment in 2014. Their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to traditional whisky-making techniques have earned them international acclaim. They age their spirits in various cask types, resulting in diverse flavors and profiles catering to every whisky connoisseur’s palate. Here is a link to their website!

Golani Distillery:

Continuing the journey through the Golan Heights, we encounter the Golani Distillery, recognized for its high-quality fruit brandies and liqueurs. Moreover, with a focus on utilizing locally grown fruits such as apples, cherries, and pears, Golan Distillery captures the essence of the region’s agricultural bounty. Their distillation process showcases the natural flavors and aromas, resulting in beautifully crafted spirits embodying Israel’s spirit.

Pelter Distillery:

In Kibbutz Ein Zivan, Pelter Distillery is celebrated for its exceptional grape-based spirits. Utilizing grapes sourced from their vineyards and nearby wineries, Pelter Distillery creates brandies and eau-de-vie that showcase the region’s unique terroir. So with its unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Pelter Distillery is an emblem of excellence in Israeli distilling. Here is a link to their website!

Jullius Craft Distillery: Tucked away in Israel’s central region, Jullius Craft Distillery has gained recognition for its innovative approach to distillation. They specialize in crafting artisanal spirits using unconventional ingredients like figs, carob pods, and almonds. Jullius’s craft is creative experimentation, and boundary-pushing flavor profiles have created unique and intriguing spirits. Here is a link to their website!

Hollander Distillery

Last but not least is Hollander Distillery! Situated amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Judean Hills, Hollander Distillery embraces the beauty and bounty of its surroundings. Furthermore, they have fostered close relationships with local farmers and suppliers, ensuring that only the finest ingredients find their way into their spirits, whether locally grown grains, fragrant botanicals, or hand-selected fruits. Hollander Distillery’s commitment to sourcing from the land is palpable in every sip.

Embracing Global Recognition:

So while Israeli distilleries are still relatively young compared to their European counterparts, their dedication to quality, innovation, and local ingredients propels them onto the world stage. These distilleries have received prestigious awards and accolades, captivating the attention of spirits enthusiasts around the globe.

So whether you’re a whisky fan, a gin enthusiast, or someone eager to explore the world of craft spirits, the Israeli distillery scene offers an extraordinary array of options. Embark on a tasting adventure, and let these distilleries transport your senses with their exceptional craftsmanship and distinct Israeli flair. Cheers to the Israeli distilleries leaving an indelible mark on the spirits industry!


Hi! My name is Arik, an Israeli native who dedicated his life to sharing my passion for the Holy Land with those interested in knowing more about this incredible piece of land. I’m the Chief Guide at ‘APT Private Tours in Israel’.

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