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Ayalon Institute Museum

Bullet Factory

The Ayalon Institute Museum, located in Rehovot, Israel, is a remarkable historical site that tells the story of the undercover bullet factory operated by the Jewish underground organization Haganah during the British Mandate period. This hidden factory was vital in supplying ammunition to the Jewish forces, preparing to defend Jewish settlements against potential attacks.

Unveiling the Hidden Factory:

Step into espionage and resistance as you explore the Ayalon Institute Museum. Descend into the heart of the site, where an intricate bullet factory was concealed beneath the seemingly innocuous facade of a kibbutz laundry facility.

Ayalon Institute Museum

Ingenious Engineering:

Marvel at the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Haganah members who devised this covert operation. The factory’s location, hidden beneath the laundry machinery, allowed for the production of thousands of bullets each day without arousing suspicion.

Audiovisual Experience:

Engage with multimedia exhibits that vividly recount the history and significance of the Ayalon Institute. Through audiovisual presentations, artifacts, and reenactments, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for the bravery and determination of those involved in this secret operation.

Haganah Museum

Historical Insights:

Learn about the challenges, risks, and sacrifices faced by the individuals who operated the factory in secret. Their commitment to the Zionist cause and the defense of their community shines through as you delve into the narratives of the past.

Guided Tours:

Expert guides lead you through the museum, offering invaluable insights into the historical context and the Ayalon Institute’s role in the struggle for Jewish independence. Their firsthand knowledge enriches the experience and brings the stories to life.

The Palmach Museum

Educational Impact:

The Ayalon Institute Museum offers a unique educational opportunity to explore a lesser-known aspect of Israel’s history. It sheds light on the covert efforts of Jewish forces to ensure their readiness for self-defense and sovereignty.

Entrance and Access:

The Ayalon Institute Museum welcomes visitors to delve into this remarkable history chapter. Plan your visit to understand better the dedication, resourcefulness, and resilience that characterized the struggle for Israel’s independence.

Ayalon Institute Museum stands as a testament to the determination of individuals who worked tirelessly to secure their homeland’s future. It provides a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during a critical period in Israel’s history and offers a unique perspective on the challenges faced by those who fought for the establishment of the Jewish state. Visit the museum to honor their legacy and gain a deeper appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit.

Machon Ayalon Museum Opening Hours:

From Sunday through Thursday: till 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Friday: 8:30 am to 2:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Phone: +97289406552

Note: Visiting the museum REQUIRES booking a tour in advance. Tours are offered in English and Hebrew.


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