Israeli Air Force Museum

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The Israeli Air Force Museum (or in short the IAF Museum) in the Negev Desert houses hundreds of models of fighter jets that served in the Israeli Air Force, as well as real fighter jets that went out of service or got shot down by Israel. Some of these planes, such as Ezer Weizmann’s “Black Spit”, and the yellow Harvard, are maintained in flight capacity and even fly in various air shows.

Moreover, in the Museum of Historical Aircraft in which the Mirage 3 played 159 with 13 abortions, the MiG-21 smuggled from Iraq in a diamond operation, the Lavi aircraft made by IAI, the F-15 falcon with 4 abortions, and the F-16 Hawk 107 with 6.5 abortions. There is also a display of fighter jet parts with an explanation of why all of these parts are used, an aircraft display, a photo exhibit, and a “Pull to Life” exhibit on the rescue and evacuation unit at the Hits. Here is a link for the IAF Museum Website.

More About Israeli Air Force Museum

During the Passover holiday and on Independence Day, the Air Force also displays active aircraft such as the F-15I Thunder, F-16I Storm, and AH-64 Apache on display at the museum, as well as displays special aircraft and offers activities for children. In the museum, Israeli Air Force soldiers serve as the museum’s staff.


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