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Eateries In Jerusalem Food Market

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Which are the best eateries in Jerusalem Food Market (Mahane Yehuda)? So here is my recommendation for an independent culinary tour in Mahane Yehuda Market. From delicious hummus to deserts that would blow your mind! Here are my top places to eat in Mahahne Yehuda market.

Best Eateries in Jerusalem Food Market

What are the Best Eateries in Jerusalem Food Market? That’s almost a philosophical question! But either way, those who haven’t visited the Mahane Yehuda market are expected for a fantastic experience! Because this market is so authentic, unlike the ones, you would find in western Europe. From an urban market primarily dedicated to stalls offering supplies. Including mountains of vegetables and fruits scattered here and there with a few home restaurants.

These days Mahane Yehuda has become a sort of enormous food complex, one of the largest in the country with restaurants and food stalls, one that even makes the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv pale next to it. But how do you know what is delicious and where you should eat here? So, I went and tried lots of them out. And here are the most delicious places in the market, each of which is worth a stop!

Aka Shawarma

When Tel Aviv is already full of particularly excellent Turkish shawarmas, Jerusalem seems to have been left a little behind in this matter. But Aka Shawarma is gonna make the change here. It is an excellent and original Shwarma joint and certainly not the only one on the market.

The highlight of Aka is the juicy and delicious veal shawarma, which is mixed with a little goose fat and pistachios, which comes in a thin and flexible Lebanese pita. Along with it, they will spread Skordalia here, a great Greek garlic spread, and also vegan yogurt with mint and garlic, because of kosher. The result is a really perfect Shawarma, which is hard to compete with.

Best Eateries in Jerusalem Food Market: Argento

Tucked away in the less crowded Iraqi market area, chef Lukas Citrinovic’s small eatery is easy to miss, but worth seeking out. In Argento they mainly specialize in empanadas. But before ordering even one dish, it is recommended to forget about every empanada you have ever eaten.

Here the empanadas are handmade from a special dough, different from anything you’ll ever know. Lucas, a graduate of the Mahane Yuda restaurant, prepares empanadas here with four different fillings: vegetables (vegetarian), chicken, shredded Asado, and a lamb and date stew, which is my favorite, thanks to a great combination of sweet and salty. This is a must-stop, showing you what authentic empanadas are.

Aricha Sabich

Almost every city has its favorite Sabich, and the Jerusalemites have Sabich Aricha, which I will not exaggerate if I crown it with the title “Jerusalem’s outstanding Sabich.” And with very good reason. The pita here is masterfully arranged. It starts with the eggplant slices placed like soldiers and is also the center of things here. These are beautiful eggplants, soft, sweet, and almost not greasy, and they are the ones that make all the difference here. Along with the egg, the vegetables, and the excellent tahini, it’s no wonder why Aricha’s Sabih dish is so loved.

Best Eateries in Jerusalem Food Market: Turkishuk

Yes, it’s another stand that offers shawarma. But Turkish shawarma, which is relatively new on the market, is excellent. Undoubtedly can be an alternative if there is a queue at Aka. With juicy veal shawarma, shiny and oiled in just the right amount, and seasoned with relative minimalism, Turkishuk knows what needs to be done to let the meat do the talking.


At first glance, Kaboom, the little pink Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats shop, looks like an annoying Instagram gimmick. But, when you realize that behind them is the confectioner Shay Golan, winner of the first season of Bake Off, you know that this is a genuinely sublime dessert. Golan has created a collection of Krembos (this how Israelis call this desert) in different flavors. All of them are apealing. But above all, they are exceptionally tasty. It is difficult to recommend one of them, so choose the one you think is the most delicious. The sweet pleasure is guaranteed.

Best Eateries in Jerusalem Food Market: Azura

And I guess you can’t finish a post about the best eateries in Jerusalem Food Market without mentioning Azura! In my opinion, Azura has the best hummus worldwide. I kid you not. But also, the slow-cooked food on kerosene flame like the Sufritu is something worth losing your finger for!


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