Best Eateries in the Jordan Valley

Eateries in the Arava

So you’re touring the Jordan Valley, you having a great time so far and it’s time to eat! But what are the best eateries in the Valley? Well, this post is meant for you. Well, if you’re touring a little bit south of the Sea of Galilee there are some good options. For example 1910 restaurant or Aleta.

Best Eateries in the Valley: Aleta Restaurant

The spacious Aleta is located on Sheldag Beach and directly overlooks the beautiful view of the Sea of ​​Galilee. As befits the location, it focuses on fish and seafood; which are prepared on a charcoal grill or in a smokehouse; alongside dishes based on agricultural produce from growers and producers in the Jordan Valley area.

Furthermore, the restaurant is run by a couple of brothers named Nadav and Naor Dayan; two young guys aged 32 and 27 who originally come from Menahemia, the owner of a restaurant on the river in the area. With the new and impressive Aleta, the two continue to push the cuisine of the North forward. In the new project, they also teamed up with Omri Yitzhak, responsible for the local wine menu, and Uriah Atia, who created a meticulous cocktail menu.

There is another option and that’s the Rotenberg. The Rotenberg restaurant in the Valley of the Springs will go down in local history as “the first chef’s restaurant to open after the Corona,” Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. The small joint and already quite veteran restaurant (the place operates for about a decade already) located right on the Jordanian border; near Kibbutz Gesher, reopened its gates a little over two weeks ago.

While other restaurants were busy waiting for the right moment, Rothenberg owners took some chairs and a few tables out to the nearby garden, wrote a new menu, and adapted to the current reality. As they like to say nowadays – from the sour lemons you make lemonade.


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