Setai Sea of Galilee

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The Setai Sea of Galilee is probably the only real option in the area of the Sea of Galilee. In fact, this new hotel offers today one of the best hospitality experiences in the Holy Land. I mean this hotel is simply incredible and the staff is very nice and the service is on point. Breakfast & Dinner buffets were both very high quality. The dinner buffet is including a chef cooking steaks on order. Moreover, the Setai Sea of Galilee has is an indoor Jacuzzi pool which in the winter turns it into a real highlight. So trust me guys after a long day of touring and lots of sightseeing you’ll need it. Furthermore, the Villas are also exceptional: In other words, spacious with a large bathroom area plus a living room.

The Setai Sea of Galilee: A Real Buoutique Exprience

As a boutique hotel, the Setai Sea of Galilee offers all amenities, including a magnificent spa; health club; large pool, and two restaurants. The room is not only spacious and comfortable, but it also has lightning-quick Internet (free) and there is an option for an individual swimming pool right outside the room terrace. If this were not enough, the hotel offers magnificent views of the Sea of Galilee and an adjoining beach (very important in the summer). Also, the service at the hotel is very attentive. But on top of it all, what is most extraordinary at the hotel is their breakfast and dinners. Usually, I am quite doubtful regarding buffets which, in my experience, are usually average. However, the buffets at the Setai are phenomenal! Here is a link to their website!


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