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So in this post, I would like to share with you what are the best accommodations in the Arava Valley; an area that is not frequently traveled. Usually, travelers pass through the Arava Valley on their way to Eilat. But they don’t tend to stop and explore the area and that is a shame really. So first I recommend you to stop and explore the Arava Valley but where should you stay? Well, it’s all here in this post so here we go! 

The Best Accommodations in the Arava Valley: Tzukim 

Tzukim is a tiny community located in the center of the Arava Valley. People that were fed up with the hustle and bustle in the center of Israel and wanted to live a more tranquil life decided to establish this community. One of their primary source of income is tourism, and they offer places to stay for those who wish for serenity. So that is why in Tzukim, there is one place I really recommend, and it’s called Eretz Arava.

Eretz Arava is nestled in a particularly secluded location at the end of the settlement of Tzukim. In front of the fascinating landscapes of the Nahal Eshos Reserve, you will discover the land of the Arava. In fact, in Eretz Arava, there are seven isolated suites, each of which gives excellent privacy to its guests, and a pleasurable and quiet quality stay.

On each suite’s balcony, hidden from the eyes of other guests, are views that seem transcendental! Each suite has a private plunge pool made of stone mosaic, shaded in summer and heated in winter (to a temperature of 38 degrees Celcius). Also on top of a hill is the Eretz Arava restaurant, which serves breakfast daily. The restaurant’s kitchen uses a rich fruit tree orchard and an organic vegetable garden. For sure one of the best accommodations in the Arava Valley these days. 

Best Accommodations in the Arava Valley:  Arandal Hotel 

Arandal Farm is your secret place in the desert! Resting on top of a mysterious and secluded hill, at the highest point in the heart of the Arava, lies the beautiful Arandal Farm. An access path winds along the side of the road, leading to a height of 235 meters above sea level, where the Arandal Boutique Hotel was established this year.

In front of a breathtaking view of the Edom Mountains; you will find six unique suites; in which every detail is carefully picked so that it will blend beautifully with the wild; which surrounds it in full force. Moreover, the spacious guest cabins blend in harmoniously with the desert atmosphere, from the roof lines that mimic the skylines; through the warm earth tones of the units surrounded by an orchard of fruit trees; to the use of raw materials taken from the natural environment spread out in front of you.

Best Accommodations in the Arava Valley:  Six Senses Shaharut Hotel 

This fantastic desert resort is of biblical proportions. The landscape in this new hotel is situated in is the epitome of tranquil desert vistas. On this metaphysical view, the hotel & spa is rested right exactly on the edge of a cliff. You can feel one with nature and absorb some of this biblical land and tranquility there.

It features spacious rooms with private pools overlooking a desert landscape. The landscape of the mountains of Moab, where so many biblical scenes took place, is the setting for this incredible hotel. In this fine desert resort, you will find a camel farm that offers camel rides into the wild desert early in the morning.



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