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Design Museum In Holon

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The Design Museum in Holon is the first museum in Israel to focus on design. Furthermore, the museum was opened to the public in 2010. Also, the Design Museum in Holon was intended to serve as the national platform for representing design, creating a significant exhibition collection, presenting Israeli innovation in the context of world design, and showing the importance of innovation in a developing country. Also, I have placed here a link for the Museum website.

More About The Design Museum In Holon

So the Museum In Holon is located in the eastern part of Holon’s new cultural complex, which currently includes the Meditech and will include additional public buildings in the future. Moreover, the Israeli-born architect and designer Ron Arad designed the museum building in collaboration with Bruno Asa. The building shell is made of corten steel in several shades, made in Italy.

The building has two main showrooms – the lower gallery, which has an area of ​​about 250 square meters, and the upper gallery, which has an area of ​​about 500 square meters and is lit in daylight. Another display space is called a design lab, and its area is about 100 square meters. The design of the exhibition halls is routine and allows visitors to focus on the gallery display. The spirals of the corten steel. The museum does not have a permanent collection and hosts rotating exhibitions on design issues.

The Design of the Museum 

The large square to the north of the site was defined as a worthy place to serve as the museum’s entrance. Moreover, the Design Museum in Holon has two floors; connected by an external structural ramp – the museum’s iconic rotating route. Also, creating and exploiting the tension between an internal order of efficient box-like spaces and a dynamic and curved outer shell is the design guideline for the entire museum.

The wider part of the outside of the museum is camouflaged by five dominant arches made of corten steel that move in a wavy shape and level their way in, out, and around the inner volumes of the museum, sometimes together or separately, enclosing a space or defining it. The arches serve as the backbone of the building – supporting large parts of it structurally and defining its orientation according to its surroundings. Apart from the Design Museum, there are many other museums to visit in the Tel Aviv area.


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