The Archaeology of the Holy Land

Jodi Magness - Book Review

The book ‘The Archaeology of the Holy Land’ by Jodi Magness is a great book! This book by Jodi Magness is excellent for anyone that wants to acquire basic knowledge about the Holy Land. The book provides an introduction to the archaeology and history of ancient Palestine; modern Israel; Jordan and the Palestinian territories. From the destruction of Solomon’s temple in 586 BCE; till the Muslim conquest in 640 CE. Also, special attention is paid to the archaeology of Jerusalem and the Second Temple period, in the time of Herod the Great and Jesus.

For each period, ‘The Archaeology of the Holy Land’ offers a historical background for the Mediterranean world and the ancient Near East, as well as the events in Palestine. Major sites such as Masada, Caesarea Maritima, and Petra are examined in archaeological and historical detail, along with the material culture – coins, pottery, glass, and stone vessels – of each period. This book provides a thorough overview of the archaeology of this historically vibrant part of the world.

David and Solomon by Israel Finkelstein

But the big advantage of this book is the fluent, and easy to understand language. Perhaps ideas some might seem complicated or too detailed Professor Magness is able to just makes easy to grasp. So if you want to get a good introduction to the Holy Land – This is the book to start with! Just remember that it is not a pocketbook and if I were you I would read it before visiting the Holy Land. And if you don’t fancy reading it so you can have me as your private tour guide for Israel.



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