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Ramat Gan Safari

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The Ramat Gan Safari – also known as Tel Aviv’s Zoo is a real entertainment site for the entire family! It is located just outside Tel Aviv and includes an African-style safari; a zoo, and a wildlife hospital. The safari is one of the six zoos that are members of the Israeli Zoo and participate in 60 International and national conservation programs for endangered species.

In addition, the Safari holds several international records, for example, the largest herd of hippos in the world’s largest zoos or the world’s largest known African elephant. The safari is the largest in Israel and the Middle East in the collection (number of species) of animals and is special in the whole world due to the large herds grazing in ‘African Safari’. The safari has about 1,200 animals from all over the world (of which about 800 in the African area and 400 in the zoo), among them: 80 species of mammals, 69 species of birds, and 15 species of reptiles! So Tel Aviv’s Zoo is for sure an option if you have kids and you’re looking how to spend a couple of hours when visiting the city.

A Little More About Ramat Gan Safari

The safari is a member of several international nature conservation organizations and belongs to the European Zoo Organization. It serves as a center for many breeding programs and holds successful breeding of nuclei of many rare animals. Prominent among them are rhinos; African and Asian elephants; western lowland gorillas, and sand cats.

Haifa Educational Zoo

It also serves as a shelter for wild animals confiscated from private citizens by Nature and Parks Authority and could not be returned to or belonging to Israel’s nature. In addition, you can find in the Safari animals like Arabian Oryx and Griffon Vulture; giraffes, orangutans, Sumatran tigers, gorillas, and more.

Ramat Gan Safari: Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday

Opening – 9:00

Tickets closing – 16:00

Closing – 18:00

Friday and holiday eves

Opening – 9:00

Tickets closing – 14:00

Closing – 16:00

Saturdays and holidays

Opening – 8:30

Tickets closing – 18:00

Closing – 20:00


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