Samar Sand Dunes Nature Reserve

Samar Sand Dunes Nature Reserve is really something fun to do while touring the Arava Valley. But what is the big attraction there? So first you got to comprehend from how far these grain of sand came from! The Samar sand dunes were formed over thousands of years as grains of crumbled Nubian sandstone from the Timna valley. Then they were carried south and east toward the salt pan of Yotvata. Over time, erosion by the wind-shaped the sands into stable dune formations. So what can do there when you already got there? Well, how about Flyomh a kite? I mean these dunes are high; some good wind can fly your kite way high over your heads. You can bring a million-dollar kite or you can also use a simple kite; the kind you buy for a dollar and a half on eBay. Or prepare at home. Keep in mind that the latter type is not sure you will be able to fly but the main thing is intention right?

Samar Sand Dunes Nature Reserve: Just Let the Kids Role in the Sand

It’s not easy to just let go of the reins and let the children roll freely in the sand. But, in a second you will discover that what is not simple – is not relevant here! Because by the time you can calculate the amount of sand in the children’s shoes they will already be at the bottom of the dune; rejoicing on the way up for another round of rolling downhill. But what’s even harder is to do it yourself. As mature, and serious human beings, who may even hold a respectable position and will never roll a dune in advance. However, once you do, you will become addicted. So you should try it out. Alright then if you need some more info please get in touch!


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