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Saar Falls

Golan Heights Top Attractions

Saar Falls is one of two falls you can find along the Saar River. Moreover, the river flows in northern Golan Heights. The stream is best known for its Saar waterfall, which is located near Highway 99 and is characterized by an impressive flow after the rains. The stream empties into the Hermon River about 500 meters southwest of the Banias spring. In addition, the Saar River is a geographical border between the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.

Saar Falls: A Short and Easy Hike

There are two high waterfalls along the Saar Stream: ‘Resisim Fall’ – about a kilometer east of ‘Gesher Hayedidut’ (Friendship Bridge in Hebrew) on the road that ascends to Ein Kinia, and a Saar Waterfall. west of the Saar bridge next to road 989 that rises to Neve Ativ. 550 meters of altitude along only 6 kilometers! That is why you have these magnificent little falls along the river. So for this hike, you’ll need two cars. One should be left at the starting point of the hike while the other you should leave at Saar Waterfall that the endpoint.

You should put in Waze or google maps ‘Resisim Fall’ there you will see a green marked trail!

The road occasionally passes between fenced agricultural areas. After a 10 minute walk on the trail, we will reach a lovely corner and cool pools will greet us, being careful of slippery rocks. From there the trail will lead us through dense oak trees to impressive views of the creek that erodes the rocks and creates charming plateaus fed by spring water flowing along. Most of the water in these springs is pumped for the use of the area’s agriculture. So the stream does not flow throughout the year. But only after heavy rains flood the river and spring can be found along the way.

After about half an hour walk the trail will lead us to the road that passes over us. Then we will pass a small parking lot between fenced orchards. So we shall walk carefully along the road beyond and return to the creek exactly at the junction with Saar Bridge! Where we will cross the road and reach Saar waterfall. The water falling from a height of 10 meters creates an impressive pool surrounded by tall willow trees.


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