Ben Zion David Yemenite Art

Exploring Old Jaffa

Ben Zion David Yemenite Art is renowned worldwide! His art is one of the few that preserve the traditional Yemenite goldsmithing method. The brand is produced in Israel and marketed worldwide as Judaica, silver, and gold jewelry with precious gems and diamonds. Ben Zion David’s works are even displayed in Buckingham Palace.

Touring Ben Zion David Yemenite Art

Tucked away in one of the alleys of Old Jaffa, Ben Zion David Yemenite Art could be a great stop while touring Tel Aviv. Apart from a beautiful gallery that shows his fantastic art, there is also an opportunity to visit his workshop and the little museum about Yemenite Jews. Ben Zion David is the eighth generation from a family of jewelers descending from Najran, Northern Yemen. For more than 2,000 years, since the days of King Solomon, his ancestors lived and worked successfully in Yemen, creating jewels for Jewish brides, Princes, and Sheiks.

Ben Zion David incorporated his abilities from his youth in the family goldsmith workshop of his father and grandfather. After his release from the army, he began studying at the Technion, where he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and later even worked for several years in the United States. The extensive family history, and the realization that if he did not continue the tradition of his ancestors, there would be no further generation for the goldsmith family, encouraged him to return to Israel.

Upon his return to Israel, he began working temporarily in his father’s goldsmith’s workshop, where he could create magnificently beautiful jewelry and even Judaica vessels, which became items sought after by discerning collectors. This move made him realize that his true calling in life is the art of Yemenite filigree.


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