Israel National Trail Tamar Fort

The Israel National Trail: Tamar Fort is a fascinating day inside the Small Crater. First, you pass through Nahal Tzafit and the amazing spring inside; and from there you reach a beautiful view of the crater from above Ma’ale Hatzara and pass through the crater and the colorful sands inside. After we’ll clime Eli ascent we will end our day at an amazing lookout for a beautiful hike!

Israel National Trail: Tamar Fort

Tamar fort is a fortress from the Roman-Byzantine period from the middle of the 3rd century CE till the end of the 7th century CE in the Northern Negev. The settlement is first dated to the Nabataean period. In fact, it was a stop on the road connecting Moab and the Jordan Valley. Furthermore, the fort is located at the top of Ma’ale Tamar – an ancient path that descends from the Negev ridge to the Arava and the southern Dead Sea.

This section of Israel National Trails begins at the Campground of the Fort. we’ll connect to the Israel Trail marking, which passes by the fort and ascends in the direction of Road 25. Upon reaching the road; you should cross it very carefully and connect to the blue marking, in a slight ascent trend that extends c. 400 m. Then you’ll reach an observation point on the Tamar Fort and Road 25. Then continue with the blue marking in the descending direction towards Nahal Tzafit, and after about 2.2 kilometers, you’ll reach Nahal Tzafit and a split: a blue trail and a black trail. In the split, continue straight up with the blue trail.

So now that we continued straight on the blue marking with a moderate ascent. After about 3.2 kilometers with a medium difficulty upward hill with the blue trail; you reach a split of paths: blue and green, and for a nice view of the small crater.



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