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So what are Israel’s Shoreline Top Trails? Well, there are some that I really recommend checking out if you are done with all the main tourist sites like Masada or the Sea of Galilee. So my first recommendation is Nahal Sorek Reservation. Nahal Sorek estuary covers a sandy area on the southern bank of Nahal Sorek. The meeting between the sands and the stream creates especially varied landscapes. On the easier trail, you can walk (and have a delightful picnic) by the stream; watch waterfowl and egg turtles; enjoy beautiful blooms (in season); a spectacular view of the beach and the estuary of Nahal Sorek, and even visit a picturesque cave!

Israel’s Shoreline Top Trails: Nahal Sorek Estuary National Park

So get ready to explore a nice little hike along Israel’s shores. But before everything some general info: First, the water of the stream is polluted and forbidden to drink or bathe! Also do not disturb the animals in the national park. And staying in the national park during the hours of darkness is forbidden. Plus there is no garbage collection, so don’t generate trash. Lastly, most of the walking route is exposed to the sun; so if you think about hiking here in the summer it is recommended to do it in the afternoon only.

A paved path that is also adapted for the disabled will lead us along the south bank. Then we will pass next to the north bank, where the paved part of the trail ends; and the continuation of the hike all the way till the end of it is on sandy terrain. After another short walk, we will reach “Turtle Island”. Here is an artificial island in the river channel named after the turtles on its banks – egg turtles, common in waterways in the country, and soft-shelled turtles, which were returned here as part of their population rehabilitation efforts. Our path would be just next to the river bank until we connect to the Medidatrnean Sea.

Before ascending the ridge itself, climb a dune north of the ridge and be impressed by the “Dwarfs’ Cave” – ​​a picturesque cave hewn in the kurkar ridge and named after it by the children of Kibbutz Palmachim. By the way, there are no rescue services on the beach and it is forbidden to bathe.

Israel’s Shoreline Top Trails: Gador Beach Reserve 

Gedor Beach is the western front of Hasharon Park – the only coastal park forest that has been preserved in Israel – and west of the beach lies the Gador Sea Reserve. The length of the beach in the area of ​​the reserve is about 2 km. This is for sure one of Israel’s Shoreline Top Trails. I would recommend going up to the archaeological Tel (Tel Gador) for a nice overview of the area.

Dor Habonim Beach

Dor Habonim Beach is a 4.5 km long stretch of beach that stretches from Moshav Habonim in the north to the Moshav Dor area, hence its name. The beach strip includes Habonim Beach and Dor Beach, also known to the public as Tantura Beach. Dor Habonim Beach is considered the most rugged beach along the Mediterranean within the State of Israel. The proliferation of coves is due to the process of weathering of the western kurkar ridge of the Hof Hacarmel plain by the waves and winds, which is a continuous process crumbling the rock and forming the many coves and hedging tables that can be seen along the entire Hof Hacarmel plain and especially on this coast.

Today, most of the beach is included in the responsibility of the Nature and Parks Authority, which has prepared a walking route along the reserve along its length. The beginning of the route is at Habonim Beach near Shell Bay; which is actually a hedge table created by a natural bay with a wide variety of mollusks. The path leads towards the Blue Cave, which is one of the large caves created by the waves in an ongoing process of grinding the kurkar rock. The name of the cave was given to it thanks to the blue shades seen in it. From there; the trail continues through the three bays of Dor Beach and ends at the southern bay that is now used as a declared bathing beach, not far from the Dor Beach Islands Nature Reserve.

Flora and Fauna

On your hike, you will find interesting and unique flora and fauna. For example, Sea Daffodil; Paperwhite Narcissus. Also in the Med Sea, you will be able to see fish like the Wrasses. And on the shores crabs like the Rosy Egg Crab or the Red Rock Crab. 


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