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Art & Culture in Israel

David Gerstein is an Israeli artist who deals with the border between painting and sculpture. In the past, he was engaged in figurative painting and illustrated children’s books, and among other things, he won the Israel Museum of Illustration prize. He developed a style known as post-pop art, characterized by painting in bright colors on multi-layer metal cutouts, which can be defined as “wall sculptures.” His works were exhibited in museums in Israel and around the world, among others, in a comprehensive exhibition at the Israel Museum.

Visiting David Gerstein Studio

David Gerstein studio is situated at the heart of the Beit Shemesh industrial area; the studio offers a unique view of a diverse selection of artworks and a creative, vibrant work environment. The studio with the artist at its center can accommodate almost any inquiries and requests regarding the artwork. This could be a nice stop if you’re touring the Judean Hills. You can also combine this with a tour of Beit Guvrin National Park.


17 Hamelaha st.
I.A. Har-tuv A
Beit Shemesh

FAX: +972 2 678 1906

Tel: +972 2 678 1899

Mobile: +972 54 4 408 412

[email protected]


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