Luzit Caves

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Luzit Caves are a series of bell caves, perched on a flat hill 210 meters above sea level, about a kilometer southeast of Luzit in the Judean lowlands. Most of the caves are interconnected and create huge halls and spaces. They are not arranged for a visit similar to the Beit Guvrin caves, but the access to them is easy. It is estimated that the caves were hewn and used from the Hellenistic period and at least until the Arab period. In some of them, columbarium, square and triangular cells were hewn in the cave walls, which were probably intended for raising pigeons.

Inscriptions and inscriptions of crosses are engraved on the cave walls by the quarrymen and the inscription of a Roman soldier from the days of the Bar Kochba revolt was preserved. The descent to the caves is possible on foot or by abseiling. There is also a network of crawling caves and underground passages, and the remains of a well at a depth of 30 meters, a storage pool, and a number of ruined buildings. If you’re staying in the area of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and you’re looking for some fun with the kids this could be a wonderful option!


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