Yad LaKashish

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Yad LaKashish is a unique and innovative organization located in Jerusalem. This non-profit organization provides employment and support services for elderly and disadvantaged individuals, helping them to maintain their independence and dignity.

Founded in 1995, Yad LaKashish operates a variety of programs that serve the needs of the elderly and disabled population, including a workshop where individuals can participate in meaningful work and receive a fair wage. The workshop offers a variety of handiwork and manual skills, including painting, knitting, and ceramics. It helps individuals to maintain their physical and mental abilities while providing them with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Yad LaKashish Enormous Contribution to the Community

In addition to its workshop, Yad LaKashish provides a range of support services, including health care, financial assistance, and legal advice, helping address its clients’ complex needs and improving their quality of life. The organization is staffed by dedicated professionals committed to providing the highest care and support. It is a unique and inspiring organization that offers a model of care and support for the elderly and disadvantaged population. Through its programs and services, Yad LaKashish helps individuals to maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life and provides a meaningful and fulfilling experience for all who participate.

If you are interested in learning more about Yad LaKashish and its mission, please visit their website or contact them directly for more information. So I STRONGLY recommend visiting this charming little place.


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