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What are the Best Eateries in the Arava? For many years the Arava was not only a desert area geographically but also a culinary wilderness. Here and there was a roadside inn and honestly nothing more. But in recent years all this has changed; with new places like Ursula in Tzukim; the Deck-Bar in Ein Yahav, and Moofa in Hatzeva. To these are constantly added restaurants; cafes; ice cream parlors, and Delicatessen; which use fresh and seasonal products, sometimes organic, and recently started a new project; which allows travelers to dine in the homes of local cooks – all these options will make your trip to the Arava or the road to Eilat a delicious experience especially. Here are some new and recommended places.

Best Eateries in the Arava: Ofaime Farm

So one of the best eateries in the Arava is Ofaime farm for sustainable agriculture in Moshav Idan, organic animals, fruits, and vegetables are grown. In addition, Alpine goats are raised as well for milk production; chickens run in the coop freely; and dates, mangoes, vegetables, and herbs grow in the orchards and fields. Everything is produced using traditional methods, without pesticides, preservatives, hormones, or genetic engineering.

Also, in the backyard, rich meals are served on the purity of local produce: fresh and ripe cheeses, fresh salads, herb spreads, pastries, organic eggs, sourdough bread, and various dishes. During the week, the cafe is open for groups and on weekends. Anyone can stop here and enjoy delicious, fresh, and healthy food. You can tour the pen and coop and experience milking by prior arrangement. Another good option is Eretz Arava; They have a decent restaurant. But it’s only for the house guests. So you must stay if you want to eat there and they only serve breakfast.


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