Best Dead Sea Beaches

Touring the Holy Land

Which are the best Dead Sea Beaches? So here is a short list of the beaches worth visiting while touring Israel and the Dead Sea area. Some guides recommend going to the beaches that are part of the West Bank and fall under Palestinian territory. But I don’t recommend you to go there. These beaches, like Kalia Beach, are not fun. They are usually packed with people from big day tour buses around Israel. And the facilities are so so minus. In other words, there are better beaches to go to.

Ein Bokek Hotel Strip

The area of Ein Bokek where the hotel strip is to be found. I think it is a much better area to stop and dip in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea. I think all the beaches that belong to one of the local hotels are much cleaner and quieter, and if you want to add a relaxing massage, you can schedule one using one of the Hotel’s websites. You can bundle it with a package to use the hotel facilities that are far better than the public ones.

Best Dead Sea Beaches: Istorel Dead Sea

One of the beaches worth checking out is the one that belongs to Isrotel Dead Sea or Just in front of Isrotel Ganim. Both belong to the Isrotel chain of hotels and according to Israeli standards, they are considered good. Don’t compare them with what you know from abroad or in the US because they wouldn’t match the same level. But compared to that, you can find it is the best there is around here. For the best beaches in Eilat, click here!

Ein Bokek Beach

In front of Isrotel Ganim Dead Sea, there is a public beach, which is nice and clean. Just next to it, you can find reasonable restaurants and air-conditioned shopping malls where you can get all your necessities. In addition, it has an attractive promenade, lifeguards (yes, even in the Dead Sea), shade shelters, open-air showers, gym equipment, changing rooms, bathrooms, and night-time lighting. Facilities such as beach chairs are reserved for hotel guests. For all the best beaches in Israel, click here!


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Ruhama Badlands

Ruhama Badlands is a nature reserve in the area of ​​Kibbutz Ruhama in the Negev. In Winter and Springtime is covered with flowers in bloom!

The Hospitaller Fortress

The Hospitaller Fortress, also known as the Knights' Halls, are formerly used for lodging and eating for the Crusaders in Acre.

Mount Gerizim

Mount Gerizim is the holiest mountain for the Samaritans. They see Mount Gerizim as the holy place chosen by God Not Temple Mt. in Jerusalem

Church of the Apostles

The Church of the Holy Apostles, or simply the Church of the Apostles is located at Capernaum, standing among the ruins of ancient Capernaum near ...

Chapel of the Milk Grotto

The Chapel of the Milk Grotto is where according to Christian tradition, the Holy Family hid in a cave during the massacre of the innocent by ...

Gan Hashlosha National Park

Gan HaShlosha National Park is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Israel. Swimming there in the summer is a must!

Ramat Gan Safari

The Ramat Gan Safari – also known as Tel Aviv’s Zoo is a real entertainment site for the entire family! It is located just outside ...

Dizengoff Square

Dizengoff Square is in the heart of Tel Aviv on the famous Dizengoff Street, one of the city's main commercial and cultural arteries.

Ayalon Institute Museum

Machon Ayalon, also known today as the Ayalon institute Museum tells the heroic story of those who fought in the 1948 War.

The Temple at Ein Gedi

The Chalcolithic Temple at Ein Gedi is one of the three sanctuaries dated to the Chalcolithic period that can be found in the area.

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