Best Dead Sea Beaches

Touring the Holy Land

Which are the best Dead Sea Beaches? So here is a shortlist of the beaches worth going to while touring Israel and the Dead Sea area. Some guides are recommending going to the beaches that are part of the West Bank and fall under Palestinian territory. But I don’t recommend you to go there. These beaches like Kalia Beach are not fun. Usually packed with people that come from big day tour buses from all over Israel. And the facilities are so so minus. In others words, there are better beaches to go to.

Ein Bokek

The area of Ein Bokek where the hotel strip is to be found. In my opinion, a much better area to stop and dip in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea. Personally, I think all the beaches that belong to one of the local hotels are by far much cleaner, quieter and if you want to add in a relaxing massage you can schedule one using one of the Hotel’s websites. You can bundle it with a package to use the hotel felicities that are far better than the public ones.

Best Dead Sea Beaches: Istorel Dead Sea

One of the beaches worth checking out is the one that belongs to Isrotel Dead Sea or the one Just in front of Isrotel Ganim. Both belong to the Isrotel chain of hotels and at least according to Israeli standards, they are considered good. Don’t try to compare them with what you know from abroad or the US because it wouldn’t match up to the same level. But compared to that you can find around here it the best there is. For the best beaches in Eilat click here!

Ein Bokek Beach

In front of Isrotel Ganim Dead Sea, there a public beach, which is nice and clean. Just next to it you can find reasonable restaurants and air-conditioned shopping malls where you can get all your necessities. In addition, it has an attractive promenade, lifeguards (yes even in the Dead Sea), shade shelters, open-air showers, gym equipment, changing rooms, bathrooms, and night-time lighting. Facilities such as beach chairs are reserved for hotel guests. For the all best beaches in Israel click here!


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Stone of Unction

The Stone of Unction, also known as the Stone of Anointing, is where he was anointed and wrapped in shrouds before his burial.

Tel Hai Monument

The Tel Hai Monument is a Jewish national monument in Upper Galilee commemorates the deaths of eight Jews who fell in the Battle of Tel Hai.

Yodfat National Park

So Yodfat was an important Jewish city during the Second Temple period. Furthermore, its remains are at the heart of the Yodfat mountain range in ...

The Haganah Museum

The Haganah Museum is dedicated to the story of the paramilitary organization that defended the Jewish community under the British Mandate!

Mea Shearim

Mea Shearim is one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Home today to the ultra-orthodox Haredim Jews, let's visit them!

Tel Ubeidiya

The story of Tel Ubeidiya begins with East Africa as the birthplace of the human race. The earliest vessels in the world dating to 2.6 ...

Deer Land

Deer Land is a farm features a nature reserve with wildlife, a petting zoo, and a range of extreme sports and a zip line!

German Colony

The German Colony, known in Hebrew as HaMoshava HaGermanit; is one of Jerusalem's most popular neighborhoods and a must-see in Jerusalem.

Bethsaida National Park

Bethsaida is an archaeological site on the Sea of Galilee. An ancient city where it told Peter and Andrew came from. Don't miss it!

Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock is a magnificent Islamic shrine with a massive gold dome situated on the Temple Mt in Jerusalem. A must-see site!

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