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Manara Cliff

Attractions in Israel

Manara Cliff is an incredible adventure park that you will absolutely love, whether you are traveling solo, with a partner, or with the entire family; kids especially can’t get enough of this fantastic vacation destination. Take a break from landmarks and museums to enjoy the vast array of fun activities to create spectacular memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you want to hike among the wilds, rappel down a cliff, or bounce to new heights, this is the place to be. As one of the most fun things to do in Israel, you won’t know which activity to start with, so you better try them all!

Manara Cliff – a bird’s eye view over the Hula Valley

One of the main attractions at Manara Cliff is the cable car, as it is the longest cable car in Israel at a length of 1,940 meters long. The cable car runs from the base of the southern foothills of Kiryat Shmona to 750 meters in elevation on the Naftali Range by Kibbutz Manara.

You and your seven closest friends, or strangers, will board the sleek white cabins and slowly traverse the mountainside up to 40 meters in the air. You will get to witness a bird’s eye view over the sweeping Hula Valley to the towering Mt. Hermon and all the way to the Golan Heights. There are three stations along the way that each offer unique and thrilling adventures just waiting for you to explore. There are many fun things to do in Israel, but this destination sits at the top for those seeking adventure!

At the ground station of Manara Cliff, you can hitch a ride on the mountain slide. These slides zoom down a 1,200-meter course and can reach up to 40 km an hour! In addition, there is a trampoline dome where you can bounce to a height of 9 meters! You can take on daring adventures from abseiling to climbing walls to learning how to shoot a bow and arrow at the middle station. At the top station, you can enjoy more peaceful activities.

There is a natural amphitheater where you can watch performances, guided trail tours, and even a cliff train where guides will teach you about the history of the land as you are perched on the cliff’s side. And that’s not all! There are even more things to do, but you will just have to head there to find out what!


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